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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 71C - Administration by the authority.

18a:71C-1: Administration by the authority.

18a:71C-2: Application; grounds for approval.

18a:71C-3: Approval and granting of federal loan.

18a:71C-4: Federal loan evidenced by note; interest rate; method of payment; security.

18a:71C-5: Extension and refinancing of federal loans.

18a:71C-6: Purchase of notes.

18a:71C-7: Falsely securing federal loan a misdemeanor; penalty.

18a:71C-8: Repayment Compromises, modifications and other determinations made by authority.

18a:71C-9: Contracts, promissory notes, made by minor, valid and binding.

18a:71C-10: Deduction of overdue student loan payments from wages of employees of the state, institution of higher education and public authorities.

18a:71C-11: Regulations.

18a:71C-12: Deduction of overdue student loan payments from wages of county and municipal employees.

18a:71C-13: Guidelines for payment of arrearages.

18a:71C-14: Deduction of overdue student loan payments from wages of certain boards or authorities.

18a:71C-15: Guidelines for payment of arrearages.

18a:71C-16: Deduction of overdue student loan payments from wages of employees of the private sector.

18a:71C-17: Lien not treated as wage execution.

18a:71C-18: Exchange of information with other State departments and agencies.

18a:71C-19: Professional or occupational misconduct.

18a:71C-20: Deductions of overdue payments from State lottery winnings.

18a:71C-21: College loans to assist state students loan program.

18a:71C-21.1: Annual report on NJCLASS Loan Program.

18a:71C-21.2: Development of student loan comparison information document.

18a:71C-22: College loans to assist State Students Loan Fund.

18a:71C-23: Eligible borrower.

18a:71C-24: Eligible institution.

18a:71C-25: Maximum loan amounts.

18a:71C-26: Accrual of interest; payment.

18a:71C-27: Student eligibility.

18a:71C-28: Limitations on program; fees.

18a:71C-29: Applicability of information exchange, collection procedures, repayment determinations and other federal provisions.

18a:71C-30: Act not to affect higher education student assistance fund.

18a:71C-31: Falsely securing State loan; crime.

18a:71C-31.1: Discharge of student loan in case of death of borrower.

18a:71C-31.2: Discharge of student loan in case of total, permanent disability of borrower.

18a:71C-31.3: Deferment of student loan payments due to temporary total disability.

18a:71C-32: Definitions.

18a:71C-33: Primary care practitioner loan redemption program established.

18a:71C-34: Eligibility for participation in program.

18a:71C-35: Ranking of State designated underserved areas.

18a:71C-36: Entry into program; agreements.

18a:71C-36.1: Performance standards for program participants.

18a:71C-37: Redemption limits; service.

18a:71C-37.1: Reimbursement payments for tax liability of participant.

18a:71C-38: Probationary period.

18a:71C-39: Matching of participants with areas.

18a:71C-40: Selection of participants; priority.

18a:71C-41: Nullification of agreement.

18a:71C-42: Death or permanent disability of participant.

18a:71C-43: Conviction of crime; gross negligence; breach of performance standards; failure to repay; penalties.

18a:71C-43.1: False, misleading information, fourth degree crime.

18a:71C-44: National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program participants ineligible.

18a:71C-46: Recruitment.

18a:71C-46.1: Availability of information.

18a:71C-47: Federal funds.

18a:71C-48: Rules and regulations.

18a:71C-49: OB/GYN student loan expense reimbursement program.

18a:71C-50: Short title.

18a:71C-51: Findings, declarations relative to the Nursing Faculty Loan Redemption Program.

18a:71C-52: Definitions relative to the Nursing Faculty Loan Redemption Program.

18a:71C-53: Nursing Faculty Loan Redemption Program established.

18a:71C-54: Eligibility for participation in program.

18a:71C-55: Application to authority for loan redemption.

18a:71C-56: Annual report on the program.

18a:71C-57: Rules, regulations.

18a:71C-58: Dedication of appropriated funds.

18a:71C-59: Definitions relative to tuition reimbursement for certain psychiatrists.

18a:71C-60: Tuition reimbursement for certain psychiatrists.

18a:71C-61: Eligibility for program.

18a:71C-62: Designation of underserved areas, list of available positions in State psychiatric hospitals.

18a:71C-63: Contract for program participant.

18a:71C-64: Performance standards.

18a:71C-65: Ineligibility.