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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 72A - Preamble, purpose of chapter

18a:72A-1: Preamble, purpose of chapter

18a:72A-2: Short title

18a:72A-3: Definitions.

18a:72A-4: "New Jersey educational facilities authority."

18a:72A-5: Authority's powers.

18a:72A-5.1: Prevailing wage rate for workers employed on projects with New Jersey Educational Facilities Authority involvement.

18a:72A-5.2: Exercise of rights, powers or duties.

18a:72A-5.3: Prevailing wage rules, regulations, adoption by New Jersey Educational Facilities Authority.

18a:72A-5.4: Inapplicability of C.18A:72A-5.1 through C.18A:72A-5.3.

18a:72A-6: Expenses of authority

18a:72A-7: Issuance of notes authorized

18a:72A-8: Issuance of negotiable bonds for corporate purpose.

18a:72A-9: Bonds secured by trust agreement

18a:72A-10: Bonds not liability of state or political subdivision

18a:72A-11: Further powers of authority

18a:72A-11.1: Refinancing outstanding mortgages of private lenders.

18a:72A-12: Moneys of authority; trust funds

18a:72A-12.1: Investment or reinvestment of funds

18a:72A-12.2: Short title.

18a:72A-12.3: Findings, declarations relative to county college capital projects fund.

18a:72A-12.4: County college capital projects fund, established.

18a:72A-12.5: Loan agreement to issue bonds, notes.

18a:72A-12.6: "Dormitory Safety Trust Fund."

18a:72A-12.7: Establishment of program to provide loans.

18a:72A-12.8: Issuance of bonds, notes.

18a:72A-13: Bondholders; enforcement of rights

18a:72A-14: Refunding bonds; additional purposes

18a:72A-15: Bonds as legal investments

18a:72A-16: Chapter complete authority for issuance of bonds

18a:72A-17: Power to mortgage

18a:72A-18: Exemptions from taxes; bonds; property

18a:72A-19: Restriction on alteration of powers

18a:72A-20: Authority not subject to 18A:62-2

18a:72A-21: Annual report and audit

18a:72A-22: Contracts of property; conflicts of interest

18a:72A-23: Comptroller of treasury; powers of examination

18a:72A-24: Visitorial powers; Governor

18a:72A-25: Services of state departments or agencies

18a:72A-26: Powers and duties of treasurer; institutions under State jurisdiction.

18a:72A-27: Additional powers of boards of governors, trustees.

18a:72A-27.1: Powers and duties, revenue producing facilities.

18a:72A-27.2: Powers of board of trustees

18a:72A-27.3: Submission of proposed projects to the Legislature.

18a:72A-28: Approval of plans, specifications and locations

18a:72A-29: Lands, assets titled in name of State.

18a:72A-30: Additional powers; private colleges

18a:72A-31: Construction loans; terms

18a:72A-32: Power of private colleges to mortgage

18a:72A-33: Moneys; separate account

18a:72A-34: Authority; construction, operation and management

18a:72A-35: Private colleges; pledges

18a:72A-36: Construction of chapter

18a:72A-37: No liability or pledge of credit of state

18a:72A-38: Powers supplemental and not derogatory

18a:72A-39: Inconsistent laws inapplicable

18a:72A-40: Short title

18a:72A-41: Findings, declarations.

18a:72A-42: Higher education equipment leasing fund; issuance of bonds.

18a:72A-43: Allocation of moneys.

18a:72A-44: Lease agreements to finance acquisition of higher education equipment

18a:72A-45: Approval for lease agreements.

18a:72A-45.1: JBOC approval required for lease agreement.

18a:72A-46: Amount retained by State to satisfy deficiency

18a:72A-47: Annual report.

18a:72A-48: Rules, regulations.

18a:72A-49: Short title

18a:72A-50: Findings, declarations

18a:72A-51: "Higher Education Facilities Trust Fund"

18a:72A-52: Use of trust fund

18a:72A-53: Allocation of initial grants.

18a:72A-54: Application for grant.

18a:72A-55: List of selection criteria.

18a:72A-56: "Higher Education Facilities Trust Fund Board."

18a:72A-57: Issuance of bonds, notes.

18a:72A-58: Rules, regulations.

18a:72A-59: Short title.

18a:72A-60: Findings, declarations relative to higher education technology infrastructure.

18a:72A-61: "Higher Education Technology Infrastructure Fund."

18a:72A-62: Use of technology fund.

18a:72A-63: Grant conditions, allocations.

18a:72A-64: Application for grant, conditions.

18a:72A-64.1: JBOC approval required for provision of grant funding.

18a:72A-65: Issuance of bonds, notes.

18a:72A-66: Agreements between authority and institutions of higher education.

18a:72A-67: Approval for entry into agreements.

18a:72A-68: Financing of matching amounts.

18a:72A-69: Criteria for approval, specific information in grant application.

18a:72A-70: Rules, regulations.

18a:72A-71: Report to Governor, Legislature.

18a:72A-72: Short title.

18a:72A-73: Findings, declarations relative to facilities improvements at institutions of higher education.

18a:72A-74: "Higher Education Capital Improvement Fund."

18a:72A-75: Use of capital improvement fund.

18a:72A-76: Allocation of fund.

18a:72A-77: Application for grant.

18a:72A-78: Issuance of bonds, notes, other obligations.

18a:72A-79: Retention of amount to ensure repayment.

18a:72A-80: Rules, regulations.

18a:72A-81: Short title.

18a:72A-82: Definitions relative to higher education partnership agreements.

18a:72A-83: Higher education partnership agreements.