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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 72B -

18a:72B-15: Short title

18a:72B-16: Legislative findings and determinations

18a:72B-17: Definitions

18a:72B-18: Payment to institutions; formula; distribution of funds

18a:72B-19: Maintenance of funds; audit of records

18a:72B-20: Suspension and recovery of funds

18a:72B-21: Inapplicability of prohibition on disbursements to denominational schools

18a:72B-22: Rules and policies

18a:72B-23: Severability

18a:72B-24: Reduction of distributions if funds insufficient

18a:72B-25: "School" defined

18a:72B-26: Contract for acceptance of New Jersey residents

18a:72B-27: Eligibility

18a:72B-28: Review of admissions procedures, records

18a:72B-29: Financial assistance

18a:72B-30: $11,000 per year per student

18a:72B-31: Conditions

18a:72B-32: Resident training program