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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 73 - State museum under control of New Jersey State Museum.

Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 73 - New Jersey State Museum under control of the Division of the State Museum.

18a:73-20: State museum under control of New Jersey State Museum.

18a:73-20.2: Findings, declarations

18a:73-20.3: New Jersey State Museum to collect Medals of Honor and related memorabilia

18a:73-21: Preamble, purpose of article

18a:73-22: Membership of New Jersey Historical Commission

18a:73-22.1: Findings, declarations relative to support of activities in New Jersey history

18a:73-22.2: Definitions relative to support of activities in New Jersey history

18a:73-22.3: Establishment of programs

18a:73-22.4: Establishment of fund, uses

18a:73-23: Expenses of members; no compensation; vacancies

18a:73-24: Organization

18a:73-25: Advisory capacity to public and private agencies

18a:73-25.1: Legislative findings and declarations

18a:73-25.2: New Jersey Afro-American history program; establishment; purpose

18a:73-25.3: Activities

18a:73-25.4: Program director and other employees

18a:73-25.5: Findings, declarations, determinations relative to recognition of historical, cultural sites with roadside markers.

18a:73-25.6: Program to identify, propose sites of historical, cultural significance.

18a:73-25.7: Application process; vendors; registry; notification program.

18a:73-25.8: Duties, authority of commission.

18a:73-26: Responsibility for administration of State Library.

18a:73-27: State Library personnel.

18a:73-32: State Librarian, qualifications.

18a:73-33: Position of State Librarian established, duties.

18a:73-33.1: Annual report.

18a:73-34: Appointment of staff, compensation.

18a:73-35: Duties of State Library.

18a:73-35a: Short title

18a:73-35b: Findings, declarations concerning a Statewide library network.

18a:73-35c: Definitions relative to the library network.

18a:73-35d: Additional duties concerning the network.

18a:73-35e: Cooperative services

18a:73-35f: State funding restriction.

18a:73-35g: Budget estimates.

18a:73-35g1: Funding of library network.

18a:73-35h: Payments.

18a:73-35i: Rules, regulations.

18a:73-35j: Appropriations.

18a:73-35.1: Purchases without advertisement for bids.

18a:73-36: Publications from custodian of State House

18a:73-37: Informative materials accessible to legislature

18a:73-38: Hours of operation of State Library.

18a:73-38.1: Certain buildings to remain State property, use of property.

18a:73-39: Application, acceptance of grants, funds.

18a:73-40: Designation of agency to carry out purpose of law.

18a:73-41: Custody, use of federal funds.

18a:73-42.1: Rules for administration of State Library.

18a:73-43: Legislative joint committee; review of library and programs; recommendations

18a:73-43.1: "Library," "library record" defined

18a:73-43.2: Confidentiality; exceptions

18a:73-43.3: Rules, regulations

18a:73-43.4: Disbursement of funds appropriated for State Library to Thomas Edison State College.

18a:73-44: Short title

18a:73-45: Legislative findings and determinations

18a:73-46: Encouragement of development of public and nonprofit museums

18a:73-47: Agreements for cooperation and assistance by department and division

18a:73-48: State museum defined