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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 74 -

18a:74-1: Short title

18a:74-2: Definitions

18a:74-3: State aid to libraries

18a:74-3.1: Counties with libraries, apportionment of per capita aid

18a:74-3.2: Distribution of State aid.

18a:74-3.3: Distribution of funds for audiovisual services.

18a:74-3.4: Services for institutionalized persons.

18a:74-4.1: Provision of optical scanners.

18a:74-6: Emergency aid; incentive grant.

18a:74-7: Determination of appropriation.

18a:74-8: Payment of State aid; date, method.

18a:74-9: Application of benefits to library services

18a:74-10: Compliance with regulations, standards.

18a:74-11: Annual reports

18a:74-12: Enforcement of law and regulations.

18a:74-13: Appropriations, allocation.

18a:74-14: Short title

18a:74-15: Public policy

18a:74-16: Definitions relative to library construction.

18a:74-17: Administration of act.

18a:74-18: Participation in grants.

18a:74-19: Reimbursement for project costs.

18a:74-20: Project costs eligible for grants.

18a:74-21: Projects to be accessible, usable by handicapped persons.

18a:74-22: Credit to State for unused facilities, equipment, land.

18a:74-23: Costs of administration and supervision of act; limitation

18a:74-24: Definitions relative to public library project grant program

18a:74-25: "Public Library Project Fund."

18a:74-26: Public Library Construction Advisory Board.

18a:74-27: Project costs eligible for grants.

18a:74-28: Issuance of bonds, notes, other obligations; cap.