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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 75A -

18a:75A-1: Short title.

18a:75A-2: Purpose.

18a:75A-3: Definitions.

18a:75A-4: Applicability.

18a:75A-5: Educational records and enrollment.

18a:75A-6: Placement and attendance.

18a:75A-7: Eligibility.

18a:75A-8: Graduation.

18a:75A-9: State coordination.

18a:75A-10: Interstate Commission on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.

18a:75A-11: Powers and duties of the interstate commission.

18a:75A-12: Organization and operation of the interstate commission.

18a:75A-13: Rulemaking functions of the interstate commission.

18a:75A-14: Oversight, enforcement, and dispute resolution.

18a:75A-15: Financing of the interstate commission.

18a:75A-16: Member states, effective date, and amendment.

18a:75A-17: Withdrawal and dissolution.

18a:75A-18: Severability and construction.

18a:75A-19: Binding effect of compact and other laws.