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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 7A -

18a:7A-3: Definitions.

18a:7A-10: New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum for evaluating school performance.

18a:7A-11: Reports by school districts, commissioner; interim review.

18a:7A-13: Biennial message of Governor to legislature

18a:7A-14: Review, evaluation of reports, performance continuum placement, procedure.

18a:7A-14a: Findings, declarations relative to school district evaluation and monitoring.

18a:7A-15: Hearing on State intervention, corrective action; full State intervention; withdrawal.

18a:7A-15.1: Authority of State board.

18a:7A-16: Failure or refusal to comply with administrative order; application to court for order directing compliance

18a:7A-29: Powers of state board, commissioner or local boards; effect of act

18a:7A-30: State board of education; powers and duties

18a:7A-31.2: Report on order to establish school district under full State intervention.

18a:7A-31.3: Improvement plan; report on progress; monitoring.

18a:7A-32: Severability

18a:7A-33: Repeals

18a:7A-34: Creation of school district under full State intervention.

18a:7A-35: State district superintendent.

18a:7A-36: Certificate required

18a:7A-37: Corporate entity.

18a:7A-38: Permissive powers of State district superintendent.

18a:7A-39: Authority of State district superintendent.

18a:7A-40: Collective bargaining agreements.

18a:7A-41: Internal audit team.

18a:7A-42: Officers, employees, consultants.

18a:7A-43: Tenure rights.

18a:7A-44: Abolition of administrative positions; reorganization.

18a:7A-45: Evaluation of principals, vice-principals.

18a:7A-46: Procedure for creation, conduct.

18a:7A-46.1: Capital Project Control Board.

18a:7A-46.2: Board to hear recommendations concerning proposed capital projects.

18a:7A-46.3: Capital projects financed by issuance of bonds, notes.

18a:7A-46.4: Issuance of authorization of notes, bonds.

18a:7A-46.5: Cessation of existence of board

18a:7A-46.6: Debt service part of municipal budget.

18a:7A-47: Board of Education.

18a:7A-49: Reports of progress under full State intervention; transition to local control.

18a:7A-50: Budget development, presentation.

18a:7A-51: Public hearing.

18a:7A-52: Determination of amount of appropriation for following school year.

18a:7A-53: Evaluation of Level I district, Level II or III districts, methodology; transition to local control.

18a:7A-53.1: Rules, regulations; procedure for 36 months following enactment.

18a:7A-54: Short title.

18a:7A-55: Appointment of State monitor in certain school districts; duties.

18a:7A-56: Recommendation of advance State aid payment to school district; repayment.

18a:7A-57: Forensic audit of certain school districts; presentation.

18a:7A-58: "School District Deficit Relief Account."

18a:7A-59: Rules.

18a:7A-60: Additional powers of Commissioner of Education relative to performance of compliance audit report.