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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 7B -

18a:7B-1: Short title

18a:7B-2: Deductions, forwarding of sums to appropriate departments; disposition.

18a:7B-4: Use of funds; authorization for appropriations.

18a:7B-5: Rules, regulations to ensure thorough and efficient education for children in State facilities.

18a:7B-6: Teaching staff members and administrators; salary schedules

18a:7B-7: Request for administrative review concerning pupil in State facility.

18a:7B-8: Office of Education in Department of Corrections; establishment; director; appointment; salary; powers; duties

18a:7B-9: Office of Education in Department of Children and Families.

18a:7B-10: Garden State school district; allocations and transfers

18a:7B-11: Garden State school district; continuation of actions or proceedings; reference to mean department of corrections, human services or education; rights

18a:7B-12: Determination of district of residence.

18a:7B-12.1: Homeless child, determination of district of residence; tuition costs, transportation.

18a:7B-13: Annual report by commissioner to Legislature.

18a:7B-12.2: Rules.

18a:7B-12.3: Certain students permitted to remain in school district.