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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 7F - Findings, declarations relative to core curriculum content standards and cross-content workplace readiness standards.

18a:7F-4.1: Findings, declarations relative to core curriculum content standards and cross-content workplace readiness standards.

18a:7F-4.2: Adoption of core curriculum content standards for technology.

18a:7F-4.3: Information relative to organ donation given to students in grades 9 through 12.

18a:7F-5: Notification of districts of aid payable; budget submissions.

18a:7F-5c: Adjustments to school budget calendar, notification of nontenured personnel.

18a:7F-5d: Required local share.

18a:7F-5.2: Sale, lease-back of textbooks; funds classification.

18a:7F-5.3: Additional supporting documents for budget submissions relative to certain school employees.

18a:7F-5.4: Submission of temporary budget for the school year.

18a:7F-5.5: Proposals for additional funds.

18a:7F-5.6: Recertification of sums to be raised.

18a:7F-5.7: Actions deemed necessary for taxation purposes.

18a:7F-6: Approval of budget by commissioner.

18a:7F-7: Undesignated general fund balances, use, limits.

18a:7F-7.1: Increase in certain fund balance by school district.

18a:7F-8: Payments to school district by State Treasurer, dates.

18a:7F-9: Receipt of State aid by school district; conditions.

18a:7F-24: Submission of budget for educational programs in State facilities.

18a:7F-32: Adjustment of State aid calculations in regional districts.

18a:7F-33: Annual filing of district report with commissioner.

18a:7F-34: Rules, regulations.

18a:7F-37: Definitions relative to property tax levy cap concerning school districts.

18a:7F-38: School district budget increase limited.

18a:7F-39: Proposal submission required to increase adjusted tax levy, certain circumstances.

18a:7F-41: Supplementation of accounts, establishment of reserve accounts by board of education or board of school estimate.

18a:7F-42: Rules, regulations.

18a:7F-43: Short title.

18a:7F-44: Findings, declarations relative to school funding reforms.

18a:7F-45: Definitions relative to school funding reform.

18a:7F-46: Review, update of core curriculum content standards; Educational Adequacy Report, development of T & E standards.

18a:7F-47: Total stabilized aid per district, limit on increase.

18a:7F-48: Calculation of equalization aid.

18a:7F-49: Determination of base per pupil amount; grade level weights.

18a:7F-50: Calculation of weighted enrollment for each school district.

18a:7F-51: Calculation of adequacy budget.

18a:7F-52: Determination of equalization aid.

18a:7F-53: Calculation of equalization aid.

18a:7F-54: Access to full-day preschool; calculation of preschool education aid.

18a:7F-55: Calculation of special education categorical aid.

18a:7F-56: Calculation of security categorical aid.

18a:7F-57: Calculation of State aid for transportation.

18a:7F-58: Adjustment aid; educational adequacy aid.

18a:7F-60: Conditions for disbursement of funds.

18a:7F-61: Percentage of district's district aid for 2008-09.

18a:7F-62: Calculation of aid for choice student in choice district, resident enrollment.

18a:7F-63: Inclusion of facilities projects in SDA district budget.

18a:7F-64: Determination of amount of State school aid.

18a:7F-65: Commercial valuation stabilization aid.

18a:7F-66: Efficiency of expenditures.

18a:7F-67: Definitions relative to financing of school districts.

18a:7F-68: Amount of State aid for certain districts.

18a:7F-69: Aid to county vocational school district.

18a:7F-70: Determination as to whether district is spending above or below adequacy.