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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 7G -

18a:7G-1: Short title.

18a:7G-2: Findings, declarations relative to construction, financing of public school facilities.

18a:7G-3: Definitions relative to construction, financing of public school facilities.

18a:7G-4: Long-range facilities plan; facilities efficiency standards; time lines.

18a:7G-5: Undertaking and financing of school facilities in certain districts.

18a:7G-5.1: No construction of school within 1,000 feet of an existing entry, exit ramp of a highway; exceptions.

18a:7G-5.2: Public school facilities, certain, security measures required.

18a:7G-5a: County vocational school district, construction, issuance of bonds by county improvement authority to finance school facilities project.

18a:7G-6: Applicability of C.18A:7G-5 to demonstration projects; exceptions.

18a:7G-7: Approval of preliminary eligible costs.

18a:7G-8: Calculation of number of unhoused students.

18a:7G-9: Distribution of State debt service aid.

18a:7G-10: Issuance of school bonds, certificates of participation, determination of aid.

18a:7G-11: Approval of local share of project.

18a:7G-12: Submission of project to commissioner for approval of local share.

18a:7G-13: Responsibilities of financing authority, development authority.

18a:7G-13.1: Audits conducted of certain projects.

18a:7G-14: Powers of financing authority; powers of development authority.

18a:7G-14.1: Priority for projects of certain county vocational school districts.

18a:7G-15: Election by district to receive one-time grant for State share.

18a:7G-15.1: Rules, regulations.

18a:7G-15.2: Use of certain funds to improve school security.

18a:7G-16: Additional powers, duties of financing authority.

18a:7G-17: Annual payment to financing authority by State.

18a:7G-18: Financing authority to enter into contracts for State payments.

18a:7G-19: Loans to local units.

18a:7G-20: Acquisition of school facilities by local unit.

18a:7G-21: Payment to financing, development authority to cover deficiency.

18a:7G-22: Powers of financing and development authorities relative to acceptance and use of funds.

18a:7G-23: Prevailing wage rates on construction contracts.

18a:7G-24: Biannual report on school facilities construction program.

18a:7G-24.1: Information submitted by the New Jersey Schools Development Authority.

18a:7G-25: Appropriation of unexpended balance.

18a:7G-26: Rules, regulations.

18a:7G-27: Development or financing authority property exempt from levy, sale.

18a:7G-28: Severability.

18a:7G-29: Liberal construction.

18a:7G-30: Annual appropriation from tobacco settlement.

18a:7G-31: Establishment of capital reserve account.

18a:7G-32: "County Vocational School District Facilities Rehabilitation Fund."

18a:7G-33: Process for prequalification of contractors.

18a:7G-34: Prequalification process, submission requirements.

18a:7G-35: Validity of contractor's prequalification classification.

18a:7G-36: Mandatory uniform performance evaluation of contractors.

18a:7G-37: Submission of sworn contractor certification; requirements.

18a:7G-38: Program to provide additional funding for apprenticeship programs.

18a:7G-39: False, deceptive, fraudulent statement by contractor in certifications, penalty.

18a:7G-40: Prequalified contractors exempt from other prequalifying process.

18a:7G-41: Procedure for obtaining prequalified status; short-form application.

18a:7G-41.1: Definitions relative to construction of school facilities projects; competition for contracts.

18a:7G-42: Registration of apprentices.

18a:7G-43: Office of Fiscal Integrity in School Construction.

18a:7G-44: Requirement for "wrap-up insurance coverage."

18a:7G-45: Conveyance of certain school buildings and land to New Jersey Schools Development Authority; conditions.

18a:7G-46: Acquisition of land in SDA district; submission of land inventory.

18a:7G-47: Approval of site plan in SDA district; procedure.

18a:7G-48: Projects in certain districts with prior approval; construction, financing under prior law.