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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 8 - Municipalities as separate school districts; exceptions

18a:8-1: Municipalities as separate school districts; exceptions

18a:8-2: Certain new municipalities as type II districts

18a:8-3: First board of education; first elected board

18a:8-3.1: Assumption of indebtedness for money or property upon annexation

18a:8-3.2: Repayment of indebtedness paid by original district notwithstanding its assumption

18a:8-3.3: Apportionment of school tax on annexation; action by commissioner

18a:8-4: Single school district in certain divided municipalities

18a:8-5: Application for investigation of advisability of separate school districts in divided municipalities

18a:8-6: Report of county superintendent

18a:8-7: Amount of indebtedness to be assumed by proposed new district

18a:8-8: Calculation of amount of indebtedness to be assumed

18a:8-9: Petition by municipality for permission to submit question of separate school district

18a:8-10: Answer to petition by other municipalities and board of education

18a:8-11: Contents of answer to petition

18a:8-12: Consideration of and hearing upon petition and answers by board of review

18a:8-13: Grant or denial of petition by board of review

18a:8-14: Submission of question at special election

18a:8-15: Notices, advertisements and conduct of election; certification of results

18a:8-16: Effective date of creation of new district after adoption of question

18a:8-17: Name of new and remaining districts

18a:8-17.1: Board may adopt new title for district

18a:8-18: Board of new district

18a:8-19: Date of constitution of first boards of education of new and remaining districts

18a:8-20: Powers, duties of first boards of education of new, remaining districts.

18a:8-21: Boards of education of new and remaining districts with elected members; powers, etc.

18a:8-22: Title to school grounds, buildings and equipment; assumption and payment of indebtedness

18a:8-23: Books, documents and records of original district

18a:8-24: Division of assets and liabilities of original district

18a:8-25: Application of chapter

18a:8-26: Name of consolidated district board

18a:8-27: Adoption of different name for board

18a:8-28: Powers, duties and succession to property and obligations by board

18a:8-29: Apportionment of membership of board

18a:8-30: Apportionment of members of boards in unapportioned districts

18a:8-31: Number and annual election of members of boards; terms

18a:8-32: Organization of board

18a:8-33: Treasurer of school moneys.

18a:8-34: Principals, teachers and employees of constituent districts; tenure, etc.

18a:8-35: Supervision of consolidated districts

18a:8-36: Appropriations authorized by majority of votes cast.

18a:8-37: Apportionment; collection and payment of appropriations

18a:8-38: Certification of apportionment to county boards of taxation

18a:8-39: Continuation of certain consolidated school districts saved

18a:8-40: Continuation as liens of certain bonds issued, saved

18a:8-41: Repealers as to consolidated school districts saved

18a:8-42: Composition of regional school districts

18a:8-43: "Non-operating district" defined.

18a:8-44: Elimination of non-operating district through merger.

18a:8-45: Apportioning of annual or special appropriations.

18a:8-46: Calculation of State aid.

18a:8-47: Board of education of newly-formed district; membership.

18a:8-48: Eligibility of nonpublic school students for transportation.

18a:8-49: Final audit of non-operating district's accounts.

18a:8-50: Governing of new district.

18a:8-51: Construction of act.