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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 9 - Classification of school districts

18a:9-1: Classification of school districts

18a:9-2: Districts included in type I districts

18a:9-3: Districts included in type II districts

18a:9-4: Type I districts; reclassification; resolution or petition for submission; frequency.

18a:9-5: Type I districts; submission of reclassification question; frequency.

18a:9-6: Type II districts; reclassification; resolution or petition; submission; frequency.

18a:9-7: Vote for adoption of question

18a:9-8: Type I districts; effective date of change

18a:9-9: Type II districts; effective date of change

18a:9-10: Electing additional board members.

18a:9-11: Type II districts; terms of additional board members