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Chapter: 3 -

20:3-1: Short title

20:3-2: Definitions

20:3-3: Severability

20:3-4: Effective date

20:3-5: Jurisdiction

20:3-6: Application of act

20:3-7: Procedure in actions

20:3-8: Commencement of action

20:3-9: Process

20:3-10: Lis pendens

20:3-11: Denial of authority to condemn

20:3-12: Appointment of commissioners and hearings

20:3-13: Appeal

20:3-14: Agreement as to compensation

20:3-15: Exclusion

20:3-16: Preliminary entry

20:3-17: Possession of property and declaration of taking

20:3-18: Deposit of estimated compensation

20:3-19: Right to possession and vesting of title

20:3-20: Nature of title condemned

20:3-21: Date of vesting of title

20:3-22: Appeal not to affect right to possession and vesting of title

20:3-23: Withdrawal of funds

20:3-24: Revesting of title and restoration of possession

20:3-25: Compelling condemnor to file declaration of taking

20:3-26: Owner reimbursement by condemnor

20:3-27: Deposit and withdrawal of funds not prejudicial

20:3-28: Fees of clerk of the court

20:3-29: Compensation

20:3-29.1: Compensation for loss of income

20:3-30: Determination date of just compensation

20:3-31: Payment of interest

20:3-32: Disputes as to interest

20:3-33: Possession by individuals or private corporations

20:3-34: Deposit of funds where ownership in dispute

20:3-35: Abandonment of proceedings

20:3-36: Method of abandonment

20:3-37: Uneconomic remnants

20:3-38: Blighted areas

20:3-39: Housing authority or redevelopment agency; declaration of taking

20:3-40: Acquisitions by State colleges; declaration of taking

20:3-41: Lands etc. needed for defense or for airports; declaration of taking

20:3-42: Recovery of taxes or other municipal liens or charges

20:3-43: Right of owner to recover amount awarded; lien

20:3-44: Payment of amount of judgment on appeal; right to possession; lien, other remedies

20:3-45: Condemnation of public utility property by municipality; after acquired property and improvements

20:3-46: Sidewalks; lands condemned for highways to include; condemnation of lands for sidewalks

20:3-47: Improvement with payment for property taken by assessments against improvement; election to proceed under separate statute

20:3-48: Reference to prior law as reference to this act

20:3-49: Repeal of chapter 1 of Title 20 and P.L.1942, chapter 14

20:3-50: Repeal of inconsistent acts; application of act to agencies, utilities, etc. with power of eminent domain