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Chapter: 4 -

20:4-1: Short title

20:4-2: Declaration of policy

20:4-3: Definitions

20:4-3.1: Displacement of tenant from multiple dwelling by fire or other emergency; eligibility for relocation assistance

20:4-4: Moving and related expenses

20:4-4.1: Displacement by housing or construction code enforcement where owner liable for penalties; payment of relocation costs; lien; enforcement; appeal

20:4-4.1a: Revolving relocation assistance fund

20:4-4.2: Unpaid balance; recovery by public agency in civil action; persons liable

20:4-4.3: Rights and remedies cumulative and concurrent

20:4-5: Replacement housing for homeowners

20:4-6: Replacement housing for tenants and certain others

20:4-6.1: Relocation payments to persons displaced by government programs

20:4-7: Relocation assistance advisory programs

20:4-8: Assurance of availability of standard housing

20:4-9: Provision of standard housing when sale or rental housing unavailable

20:4-10: Authority of the commissioner

20:4-11: Administration

20:4-12: Fund availability

20:4-13: State participation in cost of local relocation payments and services

20:4-14: Displacement by code enforcement or voluntary rehabilitation

20:4-15: Payments not to be considered as income or resources

20:4-16: Payment under state law of eminent domain not payment under this act

20:4-17: Loans for costs in planning and in obtaining financing for housing for displaced persons

20:4-18: Payments under this act additional to awards in condemnation awards

20:4-19: Appeal procedure

20:4-20: Severability

20:4-21: Repeal of inconsistent acts

20:4-22: State department of transportation; inapplicability of act; supplemental program; consultation with commissioner of department of community affairs