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Chapter: 1A -

21:1A-128: Short title

21:1A-129: Definitions

21:1A-130: Enforcement

21:1A-131: Rules and regulations

21:1A-132: Prohibited acts; exceptions; permit required; records and reports of permittees; disposal of deteriorated or leaking explosives

21:1A-133: Permits for manufacture, sale, storage, transportation or use of explosives

21:1A-134: Investigation of applicant; permit issued, subject to amendment; information furnished; qualifications; expiration; fees.

21:1A-135: Manufacturing establishments under jurisdiction of commissioner; plan of establishment kept in main office; contents; filing of plan may be required;

21:1A-136: Magazines; requirements

21:1A-137: Transportation of explosives

21:1A-138: Blasting operations

21:1A-139: Jurisdiction of commissioner; law governing manufacture, sale, transportation, storage or use of explosives

21:1A-140: Violations; penalties; revocation of permits; nonconforming uses.

21:1A-141: Exemptions

21:1A-142: Possession of explosives or bombs for unlawful purpose

21:1A-143: Partial invalidity

21:1A-144: Repeals