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Chapter: 1B -

21:1B-1: Definitions.

21:1B-2: Regulations concerning transporting of liquefied petroleum gases.

21:1B-3: Installation, maintenance of equipment.

21:1B-4: Containers and receptacles

21:1B-5: Violations, penalties.

21:1B-6: Additional penalties.

21:1B-7: Ordinances not to conflict with regulations

21:1B-8: Declaration of necessity

21:1B-9: Transfer of powers, functions and duties of superintendent of state police to commissioner of labor and industry

21:1B-10: Rules, regulations and orders of superintendent of state police; continuance

21:1B-11: Method of transfer

21:1B-12: Liquefied Petroleum Gas Education and Safety Board.

21:1B-13: Powers of board.

21:1B-14: Areas over which board has no authority.

21:1B-15: Recommendations to commissioner of assessments; disbursement; "Liquefied Petroleum Gas Education and Safety Board Fund."