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Chapter: 2 -

21:2-1: Short title of act

21:2-2: General definitions

21:2-3: "Dangerous fireworks" defined

21:2-4: Application of chapter

21:2-5: Explosives laws not repealed

21:2-6: Dangerous fireworks prohibited

21:2-7: Fireworks showers, pyrotechnics, prohibited in certain buildings, exceptions.

21:2-8: Factory buildings; location of

21:2-9: Storage buildings; location of

21:2-10: Fences, gates and watchmen

21:2-11: Fire protection

21:2-12: Precautions against fire

21:2-13: Storage in factory buildings prohibited

21:2-14: Character of fireworks which may be manufactured

21:2-15: Marking packages

21:2-16: Uniforms of employees

21:2-17: Matches, liquor and narcotics

21:2-18: Smoking and carrying matches in fireworks plant

21:2-19: Warning signs

21:2-20: Containers for matches at entrances

21:2-21: Inspection

21:2-22: Certificate of registration; posting

21:2-23: Denial of certificate; reasons filed

21:2-24: Revocation of certificate

21:2-25: Statement of reasons for revocation

21:2-26: Records and duplicates of certificates

21:2-27: Indemnity bond

21:2-28: Exemption from filing bond

21:2-29: Prohibited places of storage or sale

21:2-29.1: Permit to store or sell fireworks for use for agricultural purposes

21:2-30: Smoking not allowed in place of sale

21:2-35: Violations; crime of fourth degree

21:2-36: Delivery of fireworks prohibited; exceptions

21:2-37: Registration of fireworks manufacturers, dealers