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Chapter: 2 - Fees of clerk of supreme court

22a:2-1: Fees of clerk of supreme court

22a:2-2: Costs in Supreme Court; counsellor's fees

22a:2-3: Order for payment of expenses

22a:2-4: Ethics committees; process or orders without fees

22a:2-5: Appellate Division; fees, costs and allowances

22a:2-6: Filing first paper in Law Division; motions; clerk's fees

22a:2-7: Law division of Superior Court; other fees; use

22a:2-8: Bill of costs; disbursements included

22a:2-9: Law Division of Superior Court; costs awarded

22a:2-10: Chancery division of superior court; costs awarded.

22a:2-11: Initial amount allowed in taxing costs in Chancery Division of Superior Court

22a:2-12: Payment of fees in Chancery Division of Superio Court upon filing of first paper.

22a:2-13: Answering, pleading or paper, fee

22a:2-14: Guardian ad litem; appointment after default in Chancery Division; compensation

22a:2-15: Probate proceedings in Superior Court in Chancery Division; clerk's fees

22a:2-16: Recording documents and making copies in probate proceedings in Chancery Division; fees

22a:2-17: Fees and allowances in undetermined and pending causes

22a:2-18: Additional fees in exceptional cases

22a:2-19: Certified copies; fees

22a:2-20: Additional fees for certain services

22a:2-21: Attorneys responsible for fees

22a:2-22: State officer or state department, board, body or commission; no fees charged to

22a:2-23: Waiver of collection of fee

22a:2-25: Law Division filing fees

22a:2-26: Motion fee

22a:2-27: Fees on appeals to Law Division of Superior Court; use

22a:2-29: County clerk, deputy clerk of Superior Court, fees.

22a:2-30: Fees of surrogate and deputy clerk of the Superior Court.

22a:2-31: Fees for probating will, granting administration or guardianship and filing and recording inventory in certain cases

22a:2-32: Persons dying while in service in time of war or emergency; fees for probating will or granting administration or guardianship in certain cases

22a:2-33: Fees for auditing, stating and allowance of accounts in certain cases

22a:2-34: Fees paid by surrogates to Clerk of Superior Court

22a:2-35: Fees on assignments for the benefit of creditors

22a:2-36: Fees in other cases and costs in all cases

22a:2-37.1: Special Civil Part of Superior Court, Law Division fees.

22a:2-37.2: Fees to officers designated by Assignment Judge to serve process.

22a:2-41: Fees of witnesses and appraisers

22a:2-42: Attorney's or counsel's fees

22a:2-43: Fees in municipal courts

22a:2-44: Costs in penalty proceedings in all courts

22a:2-51: Increased fees under P.L.1996, c.52, use; fund

22a:2-51.1: Dedicated check off fee revenues for upgrading and modernizing services, capital plan.