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Chapter: 4 - Fees for miscellaneous documents.

22a:4-1a: Fees for miscellaneous documents.

22a:4-2: Fees of the surveyors general

22a:4-3: Commissioner of Banking and Insurance

22a:4-4.1: Fees for services of county clerks and registers.

22a:4-4.2: "New Jersey Public Records Preservation Account."

22a:4-6: Fee of county clerk for court attendance

22a:4-8: Fees and mileage of sheriffs and other officers.

22a:4-8.1: County treasurer responsible for fees of sheriffs, use.

22a:4-8.2: Preparation of annual budget request by county sheriff.

22a:4-9: Subpoenas issued on application of bar associations; no fee

22a:4-10: Sheriffs, constables and other officers

22a:4-11: Mileage of sheriffs, constables and other officers for service of compulsory process

22a:4-12: Searches

22a:4-14: Acknowledgments, proof, affidavits and oaths.

22a:4-15: Accounting for fees by Clerk of Supreme Court and Clerk of Superior Court

22a:4-16: Collection of fees for services of State judicial officers

22a:4-17: Disposition of fees of county officers.

22a:4-17.1: Funds to upgrade services, budgetary reduction.

22a:4-17.2: Funds for service modernization, budgetary reduction

22a:4-19: Collection of fees and costs in advance; deposits; accounts

22a:4-20: Services performed for State; charging and accounting for fees

22a:4-21: Fees for services provided by Secretary of State.