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Chapter: 2A -

23:2a-1: Short title

23:2a-2: Legislative findings and declaration

23:2a-3: Definitions

23:2a-4: Investigations; determinations; management programs; list of endangered species

23:2a-4.1: Diamondback terrapin designated nongame indigenous species.

23:2a-5: Rules and regulations; inspections; fees

23:2a-6: Taking, possession, transportation, sale of endangered species or regulated nongame species

23:2a-6.1: Prohibitions relative to products, parts of certain species; exceptions; rules, regulations; definitions.

23:2a-6.2: Activities permitted pursuant to conduct of biomedical research.

23:2a-7: Programs for conservation and management; agreements; cooperation with and acceptance of funds from other agencies; committee of experts

23:2a-8: Obstruction, hindrance or delay of personnel of department

23:2a-9: Investigation of suspected violators

23:2a-10: Violations; penalties; enforcement.

23:2a-11: Severability

23:2a-12: Functions, powers and duties of department under other laws

23:2a-13: Liberal construction of act

23:2a-13.1: Findings, declarations relative to ivory trafficking.

23:2a-13.2: Definitions relative to ivory trafficking.

23:2a-13.3: Additional prohibitions, penalties; exemptions.

23:2a-13.4: Additional penalties, degree of crime; disposition of seized ivory.

23:2a-13.5: Rules, regulations.

23:2a-14: Intentional feeding of black bears prohibited; violations, penalties

23:2a-15: Matching funds for certain federal grants to benefit wildlife, wildlife habitat.

23:2a-16: Definitions relative to use of wild, exotic animals in traveling animal acts; exceptions; violations, penalties.