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Chapter: 2B -

23:2B-1: Short title

23:2B-2: Legislative findings; state policy

23:2B-3: Definitions

23:2B-4: Marine Fisheries Council.

23:2B-5: Powers and duties of council

23:2B-6: Preparation of fisheries management plans; rules and regulations

23:2B-7: Powers and duties of commissioner

23:2B-8: Management of shared fisheries resources; cooperation to develop integrated management plans; reciprocal agreements with other jurisdictions

23:2B-9: Disclosure of information by persons taking fisheries resources; records, books or accounts; audits

23:2B-10: Aquaculture task force; commercial fisheries development task force; members; duties; report

23:2B-11: Interference or damage to devices used to take fish

23:2B-12: Enforcement of marine management statutes, rules and regulations; duties and training of marine police; reports

23:2B-13: Review of previously adopted rules and regulations.

23:2B-14: "Act" defined, penalties; enforcement

23:2B-15: Division of fish, game and wildlife; fish and game council; continuance of functions, powers and duties

23:2B-15.1: Division of Fish and Wildlife constituted.

23:2B-16: Severability; liberal construction

23:2B-17: Pending actions or proceedings; preexisting orders, rules and regulations

23:2B-18: Saltwater recreational anglers license

23:2B-19: Taking, processing of fish on certain vessels in marine waters prohibited.

23:2B-20: Findings, declarations, determinations relative to horseshoe crab and shorebird conservation.

23:2B-21: Moratorium on taking of horseshoe crabs, exceptions; shorebird management plan.

23:2B-22: Registry program for saltwater recreational anglers; violations, penalties.

23:2B-23: Prohibition on sale, possession of shark fins; exceptions; violations, penalties.

23:2B-24: Possession in Excess of Daily Limit Vessel License.

23:2B-25: "Marine Fisheries Program Support Account."