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Chapter: 3 - License for hunting, fishing or trapping; penalty; exemptions.

23:3-1: License for hunting, fishing or trapping; penalty; exemptions.

23:3-1a: Fees; adjustment by council, once

23:3-1b: "Free fishing" days

23:3-1c: Application fee for each permit, license.

23:3-1d: Pennsylvania fishing license holders permitted to fish in Delaware river

23:3-1e: Members of New Jersey National Guard, disabled veterans exempt from certain fees.

23:3-1f: Certification of reduction in "hunters' and anglers' license fund" for free NG licensees

23:3-1g: Fee for hunting migratory birds.

23:3-1.1: "All Around Sportsman License."

23:3-2: Minimum age for issuance of license; misrepresentation; penalty.

23:3-3: Youth hunting license.

23:3-3.1: Issuance of apprentice firearm, bow and arrow licenses.

23:3-4: Types of licenses; fees.

23:3-4.1: One-day license; fee.

23:3-4.2: Applicants 10 or over; certificate showing completion of gun safety course

23:3-4.3: Instructors of methods of handling firearms

23:3-4.4: Forwarding of certificates

23:3-4.5: Instruction and certificate to be without charge

23:3-4.6: Application to issuance of youth hunting licenses.

23:3-4.7: Issuance of license to person over 10 without submission of license of previous year or certificate; prohibition; obtaining license under false inform

23:3-4.8: Effective date

23:3-4.9: Special limited fishing licenses; issuance; fee

23:3-4.10: Migrant or farm labor camp resident; issuance of license

23:3-4.11: Rifle permit; fee.

23:3-5: Button or tag worn by licensee

23:3-6: License blanks and buttons or tags

23:3-7: Issuance of license and buttons or tags

23:3-7.1: Certificate of completion of bow and arrow safety course; necessity

23:3-7.2: Instruction agents; issuance of certificates

23:3-7.3: Forwarding certificates to division

23:3-7.4: Charge for certificate or instruction

23:3-7.5: Application to issuance of youth hunting licenses.

23:3-7.6: Issuance of bow and arrow licenses to uncertified persons; prohibition; penalty for obtaining license under false information

23:3-7.7: Effective date

23:3-7.8: Trapping license; application; certificate of completion of course in trapping methods; renewal

23:3-7.9: Designation of agents to give instructions and issue certificates

23:3-7.10: Certificate; forwarding to division

23:3-7.11: No charge for certificate or instructions

23:3-7.12: Issuance of license; submission of license of previous year or certificate; obtaining under false information; penalty

23:3-8: Stubs attached to license; spoiled blanks

23:3-9: Monthly returns to division; retention of issuance fees

23:3-10: Division's monthly return to state treasurer

23:3-11: Disposition of fees

23:3-12: Hunters' and anglers' license fund

23:3-12.1: "Shellfisheries Management Account" established

23:3-12.2: "Oyster Resource Development Account."

23:3-13: Annual returns to division

23:3-14: Penalty for failure to make return or report

23:3-15: Failure to turn over moneys by clerk, warden or magistrate; misdemeanor

23:3-16: Licenses and buttons or tags to be issued promptly

23:3-17: Registrars of licenses

23:3-18: Antedating license a misdemeanor

23:3-19: Records open to public

23:3-20: Penalty for violations of article

23:3-21: Procuring license wrongfully; penalty

23:3-21.1: Sale of pointed or metal tipped arrow to minor other than holder of bow and arrow hunting license; disorderly persons

23:3-21.2: Shooting of pointed or metal tipped arrow by minor other than holder of bow and arrow hunting license; juvenile delinquency

23:3-22: Subsequent convictions; penalty

23:3-22.1: Appeal to council by aggrieved person

23:3-22.2: Establishment of range of costs for replacement value of animals possessed in violation of law

23:3-22.3: Remedial sportsmen education program; established

23:3-27: Penalty for killing or having certain game

23:3-27.1: Wild turkey permits, fee.

23:3-28: Definitions

23:3-29: Licenses for raising, selling game birds, animals.

23:3-31: Killing game; sale; conditions; license required

23:3-32: Pheasants, partridge, quail; killing, shipping, commercial shooting preserve license, conditions

23:3-33: Shipment of killed game; regulations

23:3-34: Tag fee; rules, regulations

23:3-36: Expiration of licenses; renewal of propagating license

23:3-37: License displayed; record kept; certified copy sent to board

23:3-38: Counterfeiting tag or seal; affixing improperly

23:3-39: Penalty

23:3-41: License to operate fishpound nets; requirement for; issuance

23:3-46: Use of shirred or purse seines, otter or beam trawls without license prohibited

23:3-47: Application for and granting of license; fee; term

23:3-48: Menhaden fishing excepted

23:3-51: License to take menhaden, prohibited takings.

23:3-51.1: Rules, regulations for taking of menhaden.

23:3-51.2: Definitions relative to taking of menhaden.

23:3-51.3: Menhaden Landing License.

23:3-51.4: Extension of time to renew Menhaden Landing License.

23:3-51.5: Transfer of license.

23:3-51.6: Monthly report by licensee to commissioner.

23:3-51.7: Menhaden Dealer License.

23:3-51.8: Weekly report by holders of Menhaden Dealer License.

23:3-51.9: Permitted removal of fish harvested.

23:3-51.10: Requirements for licensees relative to littering, cleanup.

23:3-51.11: Annual State menhaden catch quota.

23:3-51.12: "Marine Fisheries Management Account."

23:3-51.13: Violations, penalties.

23:3-51.14: Compliance with instructions, signals of law enforcement officer.

23:3-51.15: Modifications of requirements by commissioner.

23:3-51.16: Menhaden Personal Use and Limited Sale License.

23:3-51.17: Review of applicable laws, rules, regulations concerning menhaden.

23:3-51.18: Reporting procedures and methods.

23:3-52: Fee

23:3-54: Issuance of permit to take carp and suckers

23:3-55: Issuance of permit to take suckers, catfish, carp and eels

23:3-56: Penalty for noncompliance

23:3-56.1: Limited deer license, fees; exemption.

23:3-56.2: Possession, transfer and display of license; violations; penalty

23:3-57: "Special trout fishing stamp."

23:3-58: Form and issuance of stamps

23:3-59: Fee for trout stamps.

23:3-60: Altering or changing stamp

23:3-61: Effective date

23:3-61.1: "Special pheasant and quail stamp."

23:3-61.2: Special pheasant and quail stamp; privileges of holder; procurement; signature of owner

23:3-61.3: Fee for pheasant and quail stamps.

23:3-61.4: Violations; penalty

23:3-62: Fishing preserve waters defined

23:3-63: Fishing preserve license.

23:3-64: Taking of fish by licensee

23:3-65: Sale of fish by licensee or taking of fish by non-licensee

23:3-66: Tagging of fish, fee

23:3-67: Records; inspection; annual report

23:3-68: Use of toxins in licensed waters

23:3-69: Application of act

23:3-70: Rules and regulations by division

23:3-71: Violations; penalty

23:3-72: Necessity; fee

23:3-73: Rules and regulations

23:3-74: Violations; penalty

23:3-75: Short title

23:3-76: New Jersey Waterfowl Stamp

23:3-77: Procurement; fee for New Jersey Waterfowl Stamp

23:3-77.1: Annual fee adjustment.

23:3-78: Design and form of stamp; rules and regulations

23:3-79: New Jersey Waterfowl Stamp Account

23:3-80: Violations; penalties; enforcement

23:3-81: Migratory waterfowl advisory committee