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Chapter: 4 - Open and close seasons; federal regulations; penalty for violations

23:4-1: Open and close seasons; federal regulations; penalty for violations

23:4-2: Bag limit; penalty

23:4-3: Bag limit for migratory birds to conform to federal regulations

23:4-8: Female English or ring-necked pheasant protected; exceptions

23:4-9: Trapping or shooting squirrels and rabbits by farmers and fruit growers

23:4-10: Shooting squirrel's nest prohibited; penalty

23:4-11: Hunting, except during seasons and in manner provided, prohibited

23:4-12: Hunting certain game, except in manner provided by Code or with gun or bow and arrow, unlawful; penalty

23:4-13: Regulations concerning guns

23:4-13.1: Clothing; outer garment of fluorescent hunter's orange

23:4-14: Use of ferrets prohibited; penalty

23:4-15: Baiting wild fowl prohibited; penalty

23:4-16: Prohibited hunting practices; penalty.

23:4-18: Hunting migratory waterfowl; lying in wait; hours; penalty

23:4-19: Pursuing game birds in power boats or aircraft prohibited; penalty

23:4-20: Trapped or snared game; possession or sale; setting traps

23:4-21: Trapping hare by children

23:4-22: "Pole traps" prohibited; penalty

23:4-22.1: Animal trap of steel-jaw leghold type; prohibition of manufacture, sale, possession, importation or transportation

23:4-22.2: Prohibition of taking or attempting to take any animal

23:4-22.3: Possession as prima facie evidence

23:4-22.4: Study to develop better trap; traps not classified as steel-jaw leghold traps

23:4-22.5: Allowable uses and possessions

23:4-22.6: Rules and regulations; contents

23:4-22.7: Violations; penalties

23:4-22.8: Confiscation of equipment, pelts or animals

23:4-23: Mutilating game prohibited; deer

23:4-24: Hunting, certain, prohibited on Sundays; penalty; exemptions.

23:4-24.1: Carrying loaded firearms in vehicle for hunting purposes prohibited; proof

23:4-24.1a: Improper transportation of firearm in motor vehicle; penalty

23:4-24.2: Shooting or taking game bird or animal from tree or structure within 300 feet of baited area

23:4-24.3: Baited area defined

23:4-24.4: Hunting deer with bait; "baited area" defined.

23:4-24.5: Prohibition of computer-assisted remote hunting; definitions.

23:4-24.6: Violation, penalties.

23:4-25: Dogs; running at large; training; carrying firearms into woods or fields; exceptions

23:4-26: Field days allowed; license

23:4-27: Unlawful sale, purchase of wildlife; penalties.

23:4-28: Bringing game into state; penalty

23:4-29: Taking game from state prohibited; penalty; exceptions

23:4-30: Application of law to game from without state

23:4-32: Possession of gun evidence of violation

23:4-33: Gun in house a violation

23:4-34: Notice of seizure of weapon; sale; proceeds

23:4-35: Search for gun; search warrant; right of entry

23:4-36: Gunning under influence of liquor or drugs prohibited; penalty

23:4-37: Protection of fur-bearing animals; taking by traps

23:4-38.2: Trap of conibear or killer type; restriction on use

23:4-38.3: Violations; penalty

23:4-39: Mink, muskrat or otter; open season; destruction of muskrats damaging dams or canal banks; state owned grounds

23:4-40: Stealing traps or trapped animals

23:4-41: Penalties

23:4-42: Killing deer, season, permit to kill on cultivated land.

23:4-42.1: Killing of deer causing crop damage permitted, conditions

23:4-42.2: Annual report to include number of deer killed pursuant to permits

23:4-42.3: Application for special deer management area designation.

23:4-42.4: Submission of deer management plan.

23:4-42.5: Exemption, variation from certain laws, etc. for implementation of alternative control methods

23:4-42.6: Special deer management permit; issuance

23:4-42.7: Venison, donation program, permanent

23:4-42.8: Guidelines for venison donation program.

23:4-43: Possession of wild deer; prohibitions; exceptions; prima facie evidence; inapplicability of article to certain deer

23:4-44: Weapons authorized for hunting deer; kinds; caliber; size of shot

23:4-45: Deer-hunting restrictions

23:4-46: Dogs not to be used

23:4-47: Dead deer, tagging procedures, transportation; violations, penalties; rules, regulations.

23:4-48: Penalties

23:4-49: "Game bird" defined

23:4-50: Wild birds other than game birds; capturing; killing; possession; sale; penalties; enforcement

23:4-51: Robbing nests or taking eggs prohibited; exception; penalty

23:4-52: Collecting mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds, and their nests and eggs for scientific purposes; certificate

23:4-53: Wild pigeons protected; penalty

23:4-54: Carrier pigeon protected; penalty

23:4-55: Beaver trapping permits

23:4-56: Acquisition of land by United States for migratory bird reservations

23:4-57: Penalty for liberating foxes

23:4-58: Possession of live fox prohibited; penalty

23:4-58.1: Hunting foxes with hounds and firearms; penalty

23:4-58.3: Killing other game while hunting foxes; penalty

23:4-62.2: Bounties or premium for killing prohibition

23:4-63.1: Penalty for liberating coyotes

23:4-63.2: Possession of live coyote prohibited; penalty

23:4-63.3: Possession, release of certain animals, prohibited; terms defined

23:4-63.4: Violations; penalties

23:4-63.5: Right to use mechanical devices to repel marauding birds and other wildlife

23:4-63.6: Issuance of permits; cancellation; rules and regulations

23:4-63.7: Disposal of dead wildlife by authorized personnel

23:4-64: Sale of bittersweet prohibited; penalty; enforcement