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Chapter: 5 - Open season for certain fish; penalty

23:5-1: Open season for certain fish; penalty

23:5-2: Sale of propagated trout or landlocked salmon; tagging

23:5-3: Fishing through ice

23:5-7: Minimum size of certain fish; penalty

23:5-9: Lobster restrictions

23:5-10: Trout, perch, pickerel, bass, crappie or salmon; limit

23:5-11: Fishing, except angling, prohibited; penalty; exceptions

23:5-13: Set lines in waters having certain fish prohibited; number of hooks

23:5-14: Carp or tench as bait; penalty

23:5-15: Artificial bait; number of hooks; penalty

23:5-15.1: Possession of unlawful bait; penalty

23:5-16: Taking eels in tidal waters with certain devices

23:5-17: Fishing at night for certain fish prohibited; penalty

23:5-24.1: License to fish with net; possession

23:5-24.2: Fish-netting license fees

23:5-24.3: Hauling seines; restrictions on use

23:5-24.13: Repeal

23:5-28: Pollution of fresh or tidal waters, penalties

23:5-29: Shutting off, drawing off or screening waters prohibited; penalty

23:5-29.1: Fish ladder in dams required; penalty

23:5-30: Placing carp in public or private waters prohibited; penalty

23:5-31: Proceedings by persons aggrieved

23:5-32: Conviction no bar to civil action

23:5-33: Article inapplicable to certain private ponds.

23:5-35.2: Taking crabs; license; necessity; exceptions; fees; rules and regulations

23:5-43: Short title

23:5-44: Definitions

23:5-45.1: Daily limit for taking striped bass.

23:5-45.1a: Rules, regulations for taking, management of striped bass.

23:5-45.2: Closed season for striped bass, except Atlantic Ocean

23:5-45.3: Sale of striped bass prohibited

23:5-47: Lawful methods

23:5-48: Violations; penalties