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Title: 29 - HOTELS

Chapter: 3 -

29:3-1: Definitions

29:3-2: Use of true name without registration

29:3-3: Right to register name; effect thereof in general

29:3-4: Petition for registration; filing with secretary of state

29:3-5: Duplicate-original or certified copy of petition filed with county clerk

29:3-6: Publication of copy of petition

29:3-7: Certificate of registration from secretary of state; effect

29:3-8: Registration of name of hotel yet to be erected

29:3-9: Indexes of persons filing petitions and of names registered

29:3-10: Fees of secretary of state and county clerks

29:3-11: Registration of like or similar names prohibited

29:3-12: Revocation of registration by court

29:3-13: Use, without consent, of registered name or name similar thereto

29:3-14: Assignment of registered name

29:3-15: Nonuser of registered name

29:3-16: Abandonment of registered name; notice filed; use thereafter

29:3-17: Violations of chapter; penalty; action by common informer; disposition of penalty recovered

29:3-18: Notice to alleged violator; cessation of violation

29:3-19: Jurisdiction of action for penalty