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Chapter: 123 -

2a:123-3: Definitions

2a:123-4: Short title

2a:123-5: Manufacture, sale or transportation of flammable wearing apparel forbidden

2a:123-6: Articles deemed highly flammable

2a:123-7: Enforcement of act; rules and regulations

2a:123-8: Filing of rules and regulations; amendment and revision

2a:123-9: Inspection of places where wearing apparel or fabrics are sold or manufactured

2a:123-10: Injunction; confiscation proceedings; bond

2a:123-11: Violations; penalty

2a:123-12: Penalties inapplicable to person who furnishes guaranty

2a:123-13: Exemptions from provisions of act

2a:123-14: Wearing apparel or fabrics being transported or held for delivery

2a:123-15: Effective date

2a:123-16: Definitions

2a:123-17: Nonflame resistant sleeping bags or tents; prohibition of sale, holding for sale or transportation for sale

2a:123-18: Standards and regulations

2a:123-19: Inspection of places for sale of articles

2a:123-20: Violations; injunctions; confiscation of articles

2a:123-21: Violations; penalties

2a:123-22: Violations; inapplicability of penalty; guaranty of flame resistance by supplier or manufacturer of article

2a:123-23: Exemptions from application of act

2a:123-24: Inapplicability of act to articles in transit or being held for delivery