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Chapter: 14 - 6 years

2a:14-1: 6 years

2a:14-1.1: Damages for injury from unsafe condition of improvement to real property; statute of limitations; exceptions; terms defined

2a:14-1.2: Civil actions commenced by the State, 10 years; "State" defined; exceptions.

2a:14-1.3: Prohibition of certain actions after 10 years

2a:14-1.4: Inapplicability of time limitation for adverse possession cases

2a:14-2: Actions for injury caused by wrongful act, appointment of guardian ad litem.

2a:14-2.1: 2 years; action by parent or other person for injury to minor child; joinder with action on behalf of minor child

2a:14-3: 1 year; libel or slander

2a:14-4: Actions on lease, specialty, recognizance or award; 16 years; effect of payments; action on instrument under seal brought by merchant or financial ins

2a:14-5: 20 years; judgments

2a:14-6: 20 years; right of entry into real estate

2a:14-7: 20 years; real actions

2a:14-8: 20 years; actions by state for real estate or rents

2a:14-9: 2 months; actions against sheriffs by claimants of personal property attached or levied upon under execution

2a:14-10: 2 years and 1 year; actions on penal statutes

2a:14-11: 1 year; action on vacation of public rights by ordinance; park lands accepted by municipality

2a:14-12: 2 years; persons claiming interest in park lands not accepted by municipality

2a:14-13: Enforcement of mortgage judgment or lien

2a:14-14: 60 years; claims to real estate by devisees under invalid will as heirs to other real estate mentioned therein

2a:14-15: Actions by public officers or employees whose compensation was reduced to be brought prior to November 18, 1938

2a:14-16: 20 years; actions on bonds of fiduciaries

2a:14-17: 9 years; actions on bonds of sheriffs, county treasurers and municipal collectors or treasurers

2a:14-18: 4 years; actions on bonds of constables

2a:14-19: 10 years; actions on bonds of municipal magistrates

2a:14-20: 16 years; actions on prison limits bonds

2a:14-21: Disabilities affecting limitations; action on behalf of minor.

2a:14-22: Tolling of statute of limitations

2a:14-23: Death of person liable

2a:14-23.1: Cause of action belonging to decedent

2a:14-24: Acknowledgment or new promise

2a:14-25: Indorsement or memorandum of payment on written obligation; effect

2a:14-26: Military or naval service during war; effect on limitations

2a:14-26.1: Findings, declarations relative to statute of limitations regarding hemophiliacs infected with HIV, AIDS; accrual of actions

2a:14-26.2: Inapplicability of act

2a:14-27: Set-off

2a:14-28: New action after judgment reversed or relief granted

2a:14-29: Limitation of lien of civil recognizance

2a:14-30: 30 years' possession of real estate, except woodlands or uncultivated tracts, and 60 years' possession of woodlands or uncultivated tracts however com

2a:14-31: 30 years' actual possession of any real estate under claim or color of title

2a:14-32: Disabilities affecting right to enforce right or title to real estate

2a:14-33: Prescriptive right to maintain wires or cables

2a:14-34: Immateriality of descent cast