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Chapter: 156A -

2a:156A-1: Short title

2a:156A-2: Definitions.

2a:156A-3: Interception, disclosure, use of wire, electronic, oral communication; violation

2a:156A-4: Lawful interception activities; exceptions

2a:156A-4.1: Interception of wire, electronic communications, certain; permitted.

2a:156A-5: Possession, sale, distribution, manufacture, or advertisement of intercepting devices; violation

2a:156A-6: Lawful activities concerning devices

2a:156A-7: Seizure, forfeiture of unlawful device

2a:156A-8: Authorization for application for order to intercept communications.

2a:156A-9: Contents of application

2a:156A-10: Consideration of application; basis of order

2a:156A-11: Orders affecting public and certain private communication facilities; privileged communications

2a:156A-12: Order; contents; limitations; extensions; renewals; progress reports; assistance of providers; point of execution

2a:156A-13: Verbal approval for emergency interception

2a:156A-14: Recording, transfer, custody of tapes

2a:156A-15: Sealing of applications, orders and supporting papers; destruction; disclosure of contents; violations

2a:156A-16: Service, contents of inventory

2a:156A-17: Disclosure of intercepted communications

2a:156A-18: Disclosure of intercepted communications relating to other offenses

2a:156A-19: Unlawful use, disclosure, third degree crime

2a:156A-20: Disclosure of contents of intercepted communications at trial, proceeding

2a:156A-21: Action to suppress contents of intercepted communications

2a:156A-22: Report by issuing or denying judge to Administrative Director of courts; contents

2a:156A-23: Annual reports of Superior Court, Supreme Court and attorney general; records of attorney general and county prosecutors

2a:156A-24: Civil action for damages, attorney's fee by persons whose communications are intercepted unlawfully

2a:156A-25: Good faith reliance on court order as defense

2a:156A-26: Partial invalidity

2a:156A-27: Unlawful access to stored communications

2a:156A-28: Disclosure of contents

2a:156A-29: Requirements for access.

2a:156A-30: Backup preservation

2a:156A-31: Cost reimbursement

2a:156A-32: Civil action

2a:156A-33: Defense to civil, criminal action

2a:156A-34: Exclusivity of remedies

2a:156A-35: Definitions relative to certain counter-terrorism investigations.

2a:156A-36: Notification required relative to certain counter-terrorism activities.

2a:156A-37: Violation of notification requirement; injunction.