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Chapter: 158 - Appointment of county prosecutor; general duties

2a:158-1: Appointment of county prosecutor; general duties

2a:158-1.1: Other gainful employment by prosecutor; prohibition; exception

2a:158-1a: Preparation of annual budget request by county prosecutor.

2a:158-2: County prosecutor substituted for prosecutor of the pleas

2a:158-3: Oath of prosecutors

2a:158-4: Exclusive jurisdiction of prosecutors over criminal business; exceptions

2a:158-5: Powers, duties and liabilities of prosecutors

2a:158-6: Fees of prosecutors

2a:158-7: Expenses of prosecutors in enforcement of laws

2a:158-8: Expenses of prosecutors in enjoining nuisances under federal law

2a:158-9: Temporary prosecutors; appointment by court; powers; compensation

2a:158-10: Salaries of county prosecutors.

2a:158-13: Payment of salaries of prosecutors; fees and costs paid to county

2a:158-15: Assistant prosecutors; number; appointment; designation; terms of office; oath of office

2a:158-15.1b: Regulations relative to employment of assistant prosecutors.

2a:158-15.3: Salaries of first assistant, principal assistant, assistant prosecutors

2a:158-18: Powers and duties of assistant prosecutors

2a:158-18.1: Legal assistant to county prosecutor in first class counties of 800,000 or less

2a:158-18.2: Approval of appointment of legal assistant

2a:158-19: Tenure of office of secretaries and stenographers in office of county prosecutor and office of county detective in certain counties

2a:158-20: Suspension, discharge or decrease of compensation of secretaries and stenographers

2a:158-21: Prohibited political activity of county prosecutors, assistant prosecutors or legal assistants

2a:158-22: Removal of certain information from websites concerning prosecutions by county prosecutors.