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Chapter: 158A - Declaration of state policy

2a:158A-1: Declaration of state policy

2a:158A-2: "Indigent defendant" defined

2a:158A-3: Establishment of the Office of the Public Defender.

2a:158A-4: Public defender; appointment; term; salary; vacancy

2a:158A-5: Duties of Public Defender

2a:158A-5.2: Offenses and violations; legal representation

2a:158A-6: Deputy and assistant public defenders; appointment; salary

2a:158A-7: Powers, responsibilities of public defender

2a:158A-8: Lawyers to represent defendants on case basis; selection

2a:158A-9: Case workload; division; employment of counsel

2a:158A-10: Contracts authorizing private or public organizations to execute functions of public defender

2a:158A-11: Duties of staff members and others engaged on case basis

2a:158A-12: Attorney-client privilege

2a:158A-13: Standards and level of performance of attorneys providing legal services

2a:158A-14: Determination of need

2a:158A-15.1: Investigation of finances of indigent defendants.

2a:158A-15.2: Pilot project

2a:158A-16: Part payment of cost by defendant

2a:158A-17: Lien on property of defendant

2a:158A-18: Recording of liens; books provided; fees

2a:158A-19: Collection of moneys due State

2a:158A-20: Compromise and settlement of claim for services

2a:158A-22: Annual report

2a:158A-23: Oaths and affirmations

2a:158A-24: Juvenile delinquent or juvenile in need of supervision; legal representation

2a:158A-25: Minors; eligibility for services