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Chapter: 16 - Effective from time of entry

2a:16-1: Effective from time of entry

2a:16-2: Minute entry of verdict or judgment as record of judgment

2a:16-3: Security for payment of judgment; order discharging real estate from lien

2a:16-4: Cash deposit in lieu of supersedeas bond

2a:16-5: Interest of purchasers and mortgagees, etc., saved

2a:16-6: Setting aside fraudulent judgment on motion of judgment creditor

2a:16-7: Judgment for conveyance of land; effect

2a:16-8: Offset against judgment of taxes, etc., due municipality

2a:16-9: Warrant of attorney to confess judgment not revocable; ineffectual if found in instrument

2a:16-11: Civil judgment and order docket

2a:16-11.1: Issuance of certificate of debt; definitions.

2a:16-12: Recording of judgments, orders and proceedings

2a:16-13: Judgments by confession

2a:16-15: Assignments of, postponement of lien of or warrant to satisfy judgments; recording; entry of satisfaction

2a:16-16: Indices

2a:16-17: Notation of filing or lodging for record

2a:16-18: Judgments or orders for payment of money; operation and effect

2a:16-28: Statement and affidavit

2a:16-29: Liens and priorities of judgments or orders on filing statement in superior court clerk's office

2a:16-31: Fees and costs

2a:16-32: Remedy against principal or surety

2a:16-33: Judgment; effect on real estate

2a:16-36: Effect of docketing in superior court

2a:16-41: Requisites of assignment to entitle it to record

2a:16-42: Record of assignment as notice

2a:16-44: Postponement of lien of judgment

2a:16-45: Court order of satisfaction; moneys paid into court in satisfaction

2a:16-46: Acknowledgment of satisfaction or warrant to satisfy required

2a:16-47: Entry of satisfaction by clerk

2a:16-48: Acknowledgement of satisfaction on record when execution is returned satisfied

2a:16-49: Effect of entry of satisfaction on lien of attorney

2a:16-49.1: Application; hearing; order; cancellation and discharge; effect on lien; notice of application; set-off

2a:16-50: "Person" defined

2a:16-51: Construction and citation of article

2a:16-52: Declaration of rights, status and other legal relations

2a:16-53: Questions determinable and rights declarable

2a:16-54: Contract construed

2a:16-55: Declaration of rights or legal relations of interested parties in relation to estates, wills and other writings

2a:16-56: Parties interested as parties to proceedings

2a:16-57: Persons not parties not prejudiced by declaration

2a:16-58: Determination of issues of fact

2a:16-59: Declaratory judgment; form and effect

2a:16-60: Further relief

2a:16-61: Declaratory judgment refused

2a:16-62: Review of orders and judgments

2a:16-63: Short title

2a:16-64: Definitions relative to structured settlements

2a:16-65: Provision of separate disclosure statement to payee, contents

2a:16-66: Approval required for payment

2a:16-67: Procedures following transfer

2a:16-68: Application for approval of transfer, procedure

2a:16-69: Provisions of act not waivable; controlling law; prohibitions