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Chapter: 160 - Persons taken out of state to answer criminal charge; warrant of governor or waiver of extradition

2a:160-1: Persons taken out of state to answer criminal charge; warrant of governor or waiver of extradition

2a:160-2: Expenses of returning fugitives from justice

2a:160-3: Advance of money to prosecutor for expenses of extradition; statement filed and approved by court

2a:160-4: Accounting of expenditures; excess returned

2a:160-5: Return of person extradited from and imprisoned in another state to such state in certain cases

2a:160-6: Definitions

2a:160-7: Construction of article

2a:160-8: Effect of article as to waivers by and rights, powers and privileges of this state

2a:160-9: Short title of article

2a:160-10: Fugitives from justice found in this state; arrest and delivery to demanding state; person charged with murder in demanding state and imprisoned in th

2a:160-11: Demand for extradition; form and contents; affidavit; copy of indictment or information; statement by executive authority of demanding state

2a:160-12: Investigation by governor; duty of attorney general and prosecuting officers

2a:160-13: Extradition of person leaving demanding state involuntarily

2a:160-14: Extradition of persons not present in demanding state at time of commission of crime

2a:160-15: Warrant of arrest; issue by governor; recitals

2a:160-16: Execution of warrant of arrest

2a:160-17: Authority of officer making arrest; assistance given

2a:160-18: Rights of persons arrested; appearance before criminal court; habeas corpus; notice of and hearing on

2a:160-19: Noncompliance with section 2A:160-18 a misdemeanor; punishment

2a:160-20: Temporary confinement of persons arrested in county or municipal jail in this state; procedure; new requisition

2a:160-21: Arrest of accused before requisition made; warrant for arrest

2a:160-22: Arrest of accused without warrant

2a:160-23: Commitment to jail of person arrested before requisition made, to await requisition; bail

2a:160-24: Bail of accused for appearance, when authorized; bond or undertaking; surrender of accused to be arrested on warrant

2a:160-25: Discharge of accused; extension of time of commitment of accused; new bail for appearance

2a:160-26: Forfeiture of bail; arrest of accused without warrant; recovery on bail bond

2a:160-27: Extradition of persons pending outcome of criminal prosecution in this state

2a:160-28: Inquiry into guilt or innocence of accused

2a:160-29: Recall of warrant of arrest; alias warrant

2a:160-30: Waiver of extradition proceedings; procedure; effect

2a:160-31: Demand for extradition; issue of warrant by governor

2a:160-32: Application to governor for requisition; by whom made; contents; verification of application; execution in duplicate; certified copies of indictment,

2a:160-33: Extradition of persons imprisoned or awaiting trial in another state; agreement to return to state from which extradited

2a:160-34: Immunity from service of process in certain civil actions

2a:160-35: No immunity from other criminal prosecution while in this state