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Chapter: 162 - Record of recognizances in counties other than where taken; lien thereof

2a:162-26: Pretrial Services Program Review Commission.

2a:162-1: Record of recognizances in counties other than where taken; lien thereof

2a:162-5: Duration of lien, upon any property, of forfeited recognizances not prosecuted to judgment; time limit after effective date for enforcement

2a:162-6: Revival of judgment on forfeited recognizances; limitation

2a:162-7: Money collected on forfeited recognizances paid to county treasurer

2a:162-7.1: Disposition of forfeited bail, interest

2a:162-8: Return of amounts paid on forfeited recognizances

2a:162-9: Cash deposit; affidavit as to ownership

2a:162-10: Effective date

2a:162-11: Disorderly persons; continuance of bail or recognizance on appeal

2a:162-12: Crimes with bail restriction; posting of bail.

2a:162-13: Source of bail information required under penalty of law; bail sufficiency hearings.

2a:162-14: Procedure; governed by court rules.

2a:162-15: Liberal construction.

2a:162-16: Detaining eligible defendant during preparation of risk assessment prior to trial.

2a:162-17: Consideration for pretrial release.

2a:162-18: Pretrial detention for certain eligible defendants ordered by court; appeal.

2a:162-19: Pretrial detention for certain eligible defendants requested by prosecutor.

2a:162-20: Information considered in determination of pretrial detention.

2a:162-21: Contents of pretrial detention order; temporary release.

2a:162-22: Eligible defendant subject to pretrial detention, release; conditions.

2a:162-23: Notification to eligible defendant by court, conditions of release.

2a:162-25: Statewide Pretrial Services Program; risk assessment instrument.

2a:162-24: Violation of condition of release, motion by prosecutor.