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Chapter: 168 - Probation officers; appointment

2a:168-5: Probation officers; appointment

2a:168-6: Probation officers in counties of not less than 800,000; appointment of parole officers as; civil service; compensation

2a:168-7: Powers and duties of chief probation officer; additional employees

2a:168-8: Salaries and expenses of probation officers and employees

2a:168-9: Temporary probation officers; appointment; compensation

2a:168-10: Oath of probation officers; bond; accounts audited

2a:168-11: Powers and duties of probation officers

2a:168-12: Transfer of probationers

2a:168-13: Investigations for superior court; financial status of persons seeking relief in forma pauperis; alimony or support payments

2a:168-14: Governor authorized to enter into compact with states; form; contents of compact; investigations; duties of receiving state; retaking of probationers

2a:168-15: Constitutionality

2a:168-16: Compact deemed ratified, when

2a:168-17: Citation

2a:168-18: Incarceration of probationer or parolee in receiving state; receiving state as agent

2a:168-19: "Receiving State" defined

2a:168-20: Compact institutions; incarceration in; access to

2a:168-21: Persons confined in compact institutions subject to jurisdiction of sending state

2a:168-22: Rights of persons confined in compact institutions

2a:168-23: Costs and expenses

2a:168-24: Rules and regulations

2a:168-25: Effective when other states enact similar legislation

2a:168-26: Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision.

2a:168-27: Definitions.

2a:168-28: The compact commission.

2a:168-29: The State Council.

2a:168-30: Powers and duties of the interstate commission.

2a:168-31: Organization and operation of the interstate commission.

2a:168-32: Activities of the interstate commission.

2a:168-33: Rulemaking functions of the interstate commission.

2a:168-34: Oversight, enforcement and dispute resolution by the interstate commission.

2a:168-35: Finance.

2a:168-36: Compacting states, effective date and amendment.

2a:168-37: Withdrawal, default, termination and judicial enforcement.

2a:168-38: Severability and construction.

2a:168-39: Binding effect of compact and other laws.