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Chapter: 17 - Sequence of execution; against goods and chattels and real estate

2a:17-1: Sequence of execution; against goods and chattels and real estate

2a:17-2: Record of execution against real estate

2a:17-3: Issue of execution without revival of judgment

2a:17-4: Several executions to different counties on judgment rendered or docketed in superior court

2a:17-5: One sale under executions issued out of superior court levied at same time; liability as trespasser

2a:17-6: Dispute as to application of proceeds of executions out of different courts

2a:17-7: Execution on judgment of Superior Court on appeal from municipal court

2a:17-8: No execution on judgment in action on judgment appealed from pending determination of appeal

2a:17-9: Statement of money collected, etc., returned and filed with execution

2a:17-10: Time when execution effective

2a:17-11: Indorsement on writs of year and day of receipt thereof by officer

2a:17-12: Priorities between executions against goods and chattels of same person issued on same day

2a:17-13: Priorities among executions against real estate of same person

2a:17-14: Title of purchaser of personalty prior to actual levy but after delivery of writ to officer

2a:17-15: Money

2a:17-16: Shares of stock

2a:17-17: Real estate liable to execution

2a:17-18: Proprietary rights and shares

2a:17-19: Amount; exceptions

2a:17-20: Inventory of personal property subject to levy

2a:17-21: Appraisers; appointment

2a:17-22: Oath of appraisers

2a:17-23: Appraisement made

2a:17-24: Procedure after valuation; selection by execution defendant; sale of residue

2a:17-25: Inventory, appraisement and selection annexed to and returned with writ

2a:17-26: Claim and set-off of exemption when executions issue to several counties

2a:17-27: Selection of exemption by wife or family or appraisers

2a:17-28: Selection of exemption on death of execution defendant

2a:17-28.1: Holocaust reparations payments, exemption from claims, levy, execution, attachment.

2a:17-29: Notice to levying officer; stay of sale; jury to try claim

2a:17-30: Verdict of jury; effect

2a:17-31: Disposal of property claimed according to judgment

2a:17-32: Indemnity to sheriff by creditor against demand of claimant

2a:17-33: Advertisement of sale of goods and chattels; posting

2a:17-34: Advertisement of sale of real estate to state amount of judgment or order and street numbers of real estate

2a:17-35: Notice of time and place of sale of proprietary rights

2a:17-36: Adjournments of sale of real estate

2a:17-37: Unauthorized adjournments; amercement of officer

2a:17-38: Statement of execution sales; filing; effect

2a:17-39: Sale of real estate free of lien of judgments or recognizances on which executions not issued

2a:17-40: Deed to purchaser of real estate; recital of execution

2a:17-41: Title of purchaser

2a:17-42: Variances between deed and execution or execution and judgment

2a:17-43: Amendments to cure variances considered made

2a:17-44: Reversal of judgment or execution; effect as to purchaser of real estate sold

2a:17-45: Sale by sheriff or coroner for time being of property levied upon but not sold; special order

2a:17-46: Effect of sales under execution and conveyances by sheriffs or coroners for the time being

2a:17-47: Sales made prior to May 14, 1938, under execution, decree, order or judgment, validated

2a:17-48: Deed by sheriff after expiration of term of office to real estate sold under execution during term of office

2a:17-49: Deed to real estate sold under execution on death or disability of master of the superior court, sheriff or coroner

2a:17-50: Order to issue wage execution; application; jurisdiction.

2a:17-51: Effect of execution

2a:17-52: Number of executions issued and levied at same time; priority.

2a:17-53: Payments by persons indebted to debtor

2a:17-54: Failure to make payments

2a:17-55: Modification of execution.

2a:17-56: Limitation on amount specified in execution.

2a:17-56.1a: Docketing of order in any court; force and effect

2a:17-56.6: Time of remission of wages by employer

2a:17-56.7a: Short title.

2a:17-56.7b: Findings, declarations relative to child support reform.

2a:17-56.8: Enforcement of child support orders.

2a:17-56.9: Income withholding.

2a:17-56.9a: Review of child support payments; adjustment or determination; challenge.

2a:17-56.9b: Rules, regulations

2a:17-56.10: Notice to obligor; contest of withholding.

2a:17-56.11: Notice to payor; binding

2a:17-56.11a: Responsibilities of employer relative to medical support of employee's child

2a:17-56.11b: Income withholding provisions extended to cover medical support coverage

2a:17-56.12: No discharge or discipline; suit by obligor

2a:17-56.13: Payments made through probation division.

2a:17-56.13a: Alimony, maintenance, child support payments; electronic funds transfer, credit card

2a:17-56.14: Filing of affidavit; application for payments

2a:17-56.16: Tax setoff for support, indebtedness cases

2a:17-56.20: Late fees, interest.

2a:17-56.21: Information provided to credit reporting agencies.

2a:17-56.22: Fees for application, collection of child support.

2a:17-56.23: Expedition of child support cases

2a:17-56.23a: Enforcement of child support orders as judgments; prospective modification of orders.

2a:17-56.23b: Judgment for child support lien against net proceeds of settlement; priority

2a:17-56.24: Monitoring program; report

2a:17-56.25: Rules, regulations

2a:17-56.27: Short title

2a:17-56.28: Findings, declarations

2a:17-56.29: Pilot project for collection of child support arrearages by private collection agency

2a:17-56.30: Establishment, monitoring, evaluation of pilot project

2a:17-56.31: Adoption of standards

2a:17-56.32: Application for waivers

2a:17-56.33: Annual report to Governor, Legislature

2a:17-56.34: Information about putative fathers, child support obligors.

2a:17-56.35: Public utility, cable television companies as source; exemption for long distance carriers.

2a:17-56.36: Rules, regulations

2a:17-56.41: Consequences of obligor's noncompliance, license suspension, revocation hearing.

2a:17-56.42: Payments made through Probation Division

2a:17-56.43: Suspension, revocation of license.

2a:17-56.44: Suspension, revocation procedures.

2a:17-56.45: Payment of fees

2a:17-56.46: Information on driver's license suspension to insurers

2a:17-56.47: Due process, service

2a:17-56.48: Cooperative agreements

2a:17-56.49: Applicability of act.

2a:17-56.50: Annual report

2a:17-56.51: Rules, procedures, regulations

2a:17-56.52: Definitions relative to child support reform.

2a:17-56.53: Actions permitted by department to establish paternity, support orders; imposition of civil penalty.

2a:17-56.54: Procedural due process requirements for enforcement of support provision.

2a:17-56.55: Determination of cooperation; notification.

2a:17-56.56: Payment of past-due support for child receiving TANF assistance.

2a:17-56.57: Information provided by financial institutions on non-custodial parents.

2a:17-56.58: Establishment, maintenance of State case registry.

2a:17-56.59: Availability of information to federal, state agencies.

2a:17-56.60: Access to, use of social security numbers.

2a:17-56.61: Reports from employers, labor organizations; noncompliance; penalties.

2a:17-56.62: Fraudulent transfers by child support judgment debtors.

2a:17-56.63: Establishment of State disbursement unit.

2a:17-56.64: Use of administrative enforcement.

2a:17-56.65: Transfer of case between local county welfare agency and probation division.

2a:17-56.66: Regulations.

2a:17-56.67: Termination of obligation to pay child support.

2a:17-56.68: Child support order to remain in effect for other children; adjustment.

2a:17-56.69: Arrearages due and enforceable.

2a:17-56.70: Inapplicability of act relative to provisions of foreign jurisdictions.

2a:17-56.71: Inapplicability of act.

2a:17-56.72: Construction of act.

2a:17-56.73: Preparation, availability of information.

2a:17-56.74: Rules of Court.

2a:17-56.75: Rules, regulations.

2a:17-57: Definition; construction of article

2a:17-58: Manner of levying and taking

2a:17-59: Rights and credits taken and sold

2a:17-60: Sales; leave of court

2a:17-61: Liquidation of rights and credits by levying officer

2a:17-62: Action or other proceeding to liquidate by levying officer

2a:17-63: Order to garnishee to pay debt

2a:17-64: Order to debtor to pay in installments; modification

2a:17-65: Order forbidding transfer or other disposition of property or money

2a:17-66: Receiver; appointment

2a:17-67: Powers and duties of receiver

2a:17-68: Receiver subject to authority and orders of court

2a:17-69: Execution against survivors on death of some

2a:17-70: Execution against executor, administrator, heir, devisee or terre tenant

2a:17-71: Execution against estate of decedent without administration

2a:17-72: Execution against taxing district

2a:17-73: Execution against school district or regional school board

2a:17-74: Execution against corporation; names of directors and officers and schedule of property for execution officer

2a:17-75: Application of debts due to corporation in satisfaction of execution; delivery and assignment to execution officer

2a:17-76: Collection of and action on assigned debts by execution creditor

2a:17-77: Against whom writ not to issue

2a:17-78: Issue of writ on judgments founded on contract

2a:17-79: Issue of writ on judgments in tort actions

2a:17-80: Capias or other execution against prisoner escaping from prison

2a:17-81: Execution against estate of execution debtor whose person was taken in execution

2a:17-82: Contempt proceedings not affected

2a:17-83: Writ when defendant has made deposit in lieu of bail