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Chapter: 18 - Life of execution and return.

2a:18-27: Life of execution and return.

2a:18-29: Liability of officer to judgment creditor for neglect or default in making execution

2a:18-32: Docketing judgments of the Special Civil Part

2a:18-33: Docketing of judgment pending determination of motion for new trial or appeal

2a:18-34: Statement and affidavit filed with clerk; transcript entry of judgment

2a:18-35: Issue and return of execution not necessary

2a:18-36: Clerks' dockets

2a:18-37: Indexes to dockets; dockets and indexes public records

2a:18-38: Operation and effect of docketed judgment in general

2a:18-39: Satisfaction of docketed judgment; entry

2a:18-40: Execution out of Superior Court on docketed judgment

2a:18-41: Jurisdiction of Special Civil Part over docketed judgments

2a:18-42: No execution on docketed judgments pending application for new trial or appeal

2a:18-43: New trial notwithstanding judgment docketed and execution issued

2a:18-44: Revival of docketed judgment

2a:18-45: Entry in docket of determination on appeal

2a:18-51: Tenancy created by agent; termination by owner; recovery of possession or rentals

2a:18-52: Dismissal of action involving title of land

2a:18-53: Removal of tenant in certain cases; jurisdiction

2a:18-54: Notices and summons; substituted service; service by posting

2a:18-55: Discontinuance upon payment into court of rent in arrears; receipt

2a:18-56: Proof of notice to quit prerequisite to judgment

2a:18-57: Judgment for possession; warrant for removal; issuance

2a:18-58: Execution of warrant; use of force

2a:18-59: Review; landlord liable for unlawful proceedings

2a:18-59.1: Terminally ill tenants

2a:18-59.2: Inapplicability of act to hotel, motel or guest house rented to transient guest or seasonal tenant or to residential health care facility

2a:18-60: Removal of proceedings into Law Division

2a:18-61: Trial by jury in Law Division

2a:18-61.1: Grounds for removal of tenants.

2a:18-61.1a: Findings

2a:18-61.1b: Permanent retirement from residential use

2a:18-61.1c: 5-year restriction

2a:18-61.1d: Maximum authorized rent

2a:18-61.1e: Rights of former tenants

2a:18-61.1f: Local ordinances permitted

2a:18-61.1g: Relocation of displaced tenant; violations, penalty.

2a:18-61.1h: Reimbursement to displaced tenant

2a:18-61.2: Removal of residential tenants; required notice; contents; service.

2a:18-61.3: Causes for eviction or nonrenewal of lease

2a:18-61.3a: Mobile home parks; restrictions on "for sale" signs; prohibition

2a:18-61.4: Waiver of rights by provision in lease; unenforceability

2a:18-61.5: Severability

2a:18-61.6: Owner liability for wrongful evictions

2a:18-61.7: Definitions

2a:18-61.8: Conversion of multiple dwelling into condominium, cooperative or fee simple ownership; notice to and rights to tenants

2a:18-61.9: Notice to tenant after master deed or agreement to establish cooperative

2a:18-61.10: Removal of tenant to allow conversion to cooperative or condominium; moving expense compensation

2a:18-61.11: Comparable housing; offer of rental; stay of eviction; alternative compensation; senior citizens and disabled protected tenancy period

2a:18-61.12: Rules and regulations

2a:18-61.16a: Rent defined

2a:18-61.22: Short title

2a:18-61.23: Legislative findings and declarations

2a:18-61.24: Definitions

2a:18-61.25: Protected tenancy status; conversion of dwelling unit of eligible senior citizen or disabled tenant

2a:18-61.26: Administrative agency

2a:18-61.27: Notice to tenants

2a:18-61.28: Eligibility for protected tenancy status

2a:18-61.29: Registration of conversion; approval after proof of notice of eligibility to tenants

2a:18-61.30: Protected tenancy status; applicability after notice of eligibility and filing of conversion recording

2a:18-61.31: Rent increase restrictions

2a:18-61.32: Termination of protected tenancy

2a:18-61.33: Termination upon purchase of unit by senior citizen or disabled tenant

2a:18-61.34: Informing prospective purchaser of act; contract or agreement for sale; clause informing of application of act and acknowledgment by purchaser

2a:18-61.35: Fee

2a:18-61.36: Agreement by tenant to waive rights; deemed against public policy and unenforceable

2a:18-61.37: Severability

2a:18-61.38: Rules and regulations

2a:18-61.39: Liberal construction of act

2a:18-61.40: Short title

2a:18-61.41: Findings, declarations

2a:18-61.42: Definitions

2a:18-61.43: Maximum qualifying income, adjustment

2a:18-61.44: Protected tenancy, qualification, duration

2a:18-61.45: Designation of administrative agency

2a:18-61.46: Notice, etc. required of owner seeking to convert, notice to tenants

2a:18-61.47: Determining tenants' qualifications

2a:18-61.48: Requisites for approval of registration of conversion

2a:18-61.49: Applicability of protected tenancy

2a:18-61.50: Termination of protected tenancy

2a:18-61.51: Tenancy protection terminated by tenant purchase

2a:18-61.52: Costs of conversion no basis for rent increases

2a:18-61.53: Public offering statements, requisites

2a:18-61.54: Municipal fees

2a:18-61.55: Tenant waivers, unenforceable

2a:18-61.56: Actions against qualified tenants, limitations

2a:18-61.57: Removal for good cause

2a:18-61.58: Severability

2a:18-61.59: Rules, regulations

2a:18-61.60: Tenants' organization permitted to accept billing for utility.

2a:18-61.61: Deduction of certain utility costs from rental payment.

2a:18-61.62: Issuance of "Notice of Rent Protection Emergency."

2a:18-61.63: Effect of issuance of "Notice of Rent Protection Emergency."

2a:18-61.64: Report of violation, investigation, penalties.

2a:18-61.65: Violations considered as consumer fraud.

2a:18-61.66: Payment of certain fees, expenses incurred in landlord-tenant disputes.

2a:18-61.67: Notice provided in lease.

2a:18-66: Judgment; orders as to payment; stay of execution

2a:18-67: Docketing small claims judgments

2a:18-69: Costs

2a:18-71: Costs on vacation of judgment

2a:18-72: Disposal of remaining personal property abandoned by tenant

2a:18-73: Notice to tenant prior to disposition

2a:18-74: Contents of notice

2a:18-75: Storing abandoned property

2a:18-76: Conditions under which the property is considered abandoned

2a:18-77: Tenant's reimbursement for storage costs

2a:18-78: Disposal of property, options

2a:18-79: Immunity

2a:18-80: Deductions from sale proceeds

2a:18-81: Compliance with act constitutes complete defense

2a:18-82: Noncompliance with act; tenant's recovery

2a:18-83: Applicability of act

2a:18-84: Nonapplicability to motor vehicles