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Chapter: 19 -

2a:19-1: Definitions.

2a:19-2: Assignments must be for equal benefit; preferences void

2a:19-3: Transfer of property within 4 months of assignment to give preference void; recovery of property

2a:19-4: Assignor to acknowledge assignment for recording as deed

2a:19-5: Assignor to annex inventory and list of creditors with their claims, to assignment

2a:19-6: Legality of assignments

2a:19-7: Assignee to record and file assignment

2a:19-8: Publication and mailing of notice; extension of time

2a:19-9: Assignee to file inventory and valuation

2a:19-10: Bond of assignee; additional security

2a:19-11: Assignee not to proceed until bond, etc., filed

2a:19-12: Exemption to assignor

2a:19-13: Assignee's general powers as successor to assignor

2a:19-14: Assignee's powers as representative of creditors; setting aside conveyances and transfers

2a:19-15: Subpoena; commitment for failure to testify

2a:19-16: Continuing assignor's business

2a:19-17: Action to compel assignee to perform duties

2a:19-18: Assignee to sell real estate; manner of sale

2a:19-19: Assignee to submit sales of personalty for confirmation

2a:19-20: Limitation of actions against assignee for taking or disposing of property

2a:19-21: Reconveyance to assignor upon composition with creditors; proceedings

2a:19-22: Claims due or to become due are presentable

2a:19-23: Claims filed after time share only in subsequent dividends

2a:19-24: Claims filed after time; notice; exceptions; adjudication

2a:19-25: Assignee to file list of creditors, statement of claims, and proof of notice

2a:19-26: Notice of filing such list and statement; proof of mailing

2a:19-27: Extending time for compliance with sections 2A:19-25 and 2A:19-26

2a:19-28: Assignee's inventory, list of creditors and statement of claims to be proved and recorded

2a:19-29: Exceptions to claims

2a:19-30: Wages of clerks, mechanics, and laborers, preferred

2a:19-31: Landlord's lien on assignor's goods

2a:19-32: Landlord's rights where assignor's goods removed

2a:19-33: Assignee to proceed to make dividends

2a:19-34: Partial distribution

2a:19-35: Directions as to dividends

2a:19-36: Death or incapacity of assignee; successor

2a:19-37: Removal for maladministration, neglect, or other cause; successor

2a:19-38: Estate vests in new assignee; accounting and delivery by predecessor

2a:19-39: Powers and duties of new assignee

2a:19-40: Bond of new assignee

2a:19-41: Final and intermediate accounts

2a:19-42: Disposition of unclaimed money

2a:19-43: Compensation of assignee

2a:19-44: Any corporation may assign

2a:19-45: Corporation deemed resident of what county

2a:19-46: Assignee as party to receivership suit

2a:19-47: Removal of assignee and transfer of estate to receiver

2a:19-48: Inclusion of individual estate

2a:19-49: Partnership and individual estates to be kept separate

2a:19-50: One partner to reside in State