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Chapter: 34 - Causes for judgments of nullity.

2a:34-1: Causes for judgments of nullity.

2a:34-2: Causes for divorce from bond of matrimony.

2a:34-2.1: Dissolution of a civil union, causes.

2a:34-3: Causes for divorce from bed and board or legal separation from partner in a civil union couple.

2a:34-6: Divorce from bed and board or legal separation from a civil union; property rights.

2a:34-7: Certain defenses abolished.

2a:34-8: Jurisdiction stated.

2a:34-9: Jurisdiction in nullity proceedings or dissolution proceedings; residence requirements; service of process.

2a:34-10: Jurisdiction in divorce proceedings, dissolution of a civil union, legal separation from a partner in a civil union couple; service of process; reside

2a:34-11: Jurisdiction by acknowledgment of service of process, appearance, etc.

2a:34-12: Counterclaims.

2a:34-12.1: Short title

2a:34-12.2: "Parents' Education Fund"

2a:34-12.3: "Parent's Education program"

2a:34-12.5: Attendance at program required; fee; exceptions

2a:34-12.6: Program representatives, immunity, employment restrictions

2a:34-12.7: Confidentiality of communications

2a:34-12.8: Adoption of Rules by Court

2a:34-13: Matrimonial or civil union action.

2a:34-14: Parent or guardian may prosecute or defend.

2a:34-15: Co-respondent in adultery or dissolution of a civil union actions.

2a:34-18: Final judgment; appeal.

2a:34-20: Effect of judgment

2a:34-21: Surname.

2a:34-23: Alimony, maintenance.

2a:34-23a: Payment of counsel fees incurred in collection of child support

2a:34-23b: Direct payments to health care provider

2a:34-23c: Child support order; health care coverage provisions

2a:34-23d: Maintenance of certain insurance coverage in action for divorce or dissolution.

2a:34-23e: Delinquent child support obligors, community service in addition to incarceration for contempt.

2a:34-23.1: Equitable distribution criteria.

2a:34-23.2: Findings, declarations relative to violation of visitation orders.

2a:34-23.3: Available remedies.

2a:34-24: Lien, security.

2a:34-24.1: Court-orders for support, maintenance despite absence of personal jurisiction.

2a:34-25: Termination of alimony.

2a:34-26: Attachment of property.

2a:34-27: Bond for costs

2a:34-53: Short title.

2a:34-54: Definitions.

2a:34-55: Proceedings governed by other law.

2a:34-56: Application to Indian tribes.

2a:34-57: International application of act.

2a:34-58: Effect of custody determination.

2a:34-59: Priority.

2a:34-60: Notice of persons outside state.

2a:34-61: Appearance and limited immunity.

2a:34-62: Communication between courts.

2a:34-63: Taking testimony in another state.

2a:34-64: Cooperation between courts; preservation of records.

2a:34-65: Initial child custody jurisdiction.

2a:34-66: Exclusive, continuing jurisdiction.

2a:34-67: Jurisdiction to modify determination.

2a:34-68: Temporary emergency jurisdiction.

2a:34-69: Notice; opportunity to be heard; joinder.

2a:34-70: Simultaneous proceedings.

2a:34-71: Inconvenient forum.

2a:34-72: Jurisdiction declined by reason of conduct.

2a:34-73: Information to be submitted to court.

2a:34-74: Appearance of parties and child.

2a:34-75: Definitions.

2a:34-76: Enforcement under Hague Convention.

2a:34-77: Duty to enforce.

2a:34-78: Temporary visitation.

2a:34-79: Registration of child custody determination.

2a:34-80: Enforcement of registered determination.

2a:34-81: Simultaneous proceedings.

2a:34-82: Expedited enforcement of child custody determination.

2a:34-83: Service of petition and order.

2a:34-84: Hearing and order.

2a:34-85: Warrant to take physical custody of child.

2a:34-86: Costs, fees and expenses.

2a:34-87: Recognition and Enforcement.

2a:34-88: Appeals.

2a:34-89: Role of prosecutor or other appropriate public official.

2a:34-90: Role of law enforcement.

2a:34-91: Costs and expenses.

2a:34-92: Application and construction.

2a:34-93: Severability.

2a:34-94: Transitional provision.

2a:34-95: Notice of penalties for order violation.