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Chapter: 4 -

2a:4-30.65: Definitions relative to child support proceedings.

2a:4-30.66: Tribunal designated.

2a:4-30.67: Remedies provided deemed cumulative.

2a:4-30.68: Personal jurisdiction over nonresident individual.

2a:4-30.69: Applicable laws governing exercise of jurisdiction over nonresident.

2a:4-30.70: Initiating, responding tribunal.

2a:4-30.71: Establishment of support order, jurisdictional basis.

2a:4-30.72: Continuing exclusive jurisdiction of tribunal; exceptions; modifications.

2a:4-30.73: Powers of initiating, responding tribunals.

2a:4-30.74: Recognition of orders by tribunals; conditions.

2a:4-30.75: Response to multiple registrations, petitions for enforcement.

2a:4-30.76: Crediting of amounts collected.

2a:4-30.77: Applicability of article; proceedings.

2a:4-30.78: Maintenance of proceeding for benefit of child of a minor.

2a:4-30.79: Duties of responding tribunal of New Jersey.

2a:4-30.80: Forwarding of documents by initiating tribunal, support enforcement agency to responding state.

2a:4-30.81: Filing of complaint, petition, comparable pleading; notification to petitioner; powers of tribunal.

2a:4-30.82: Forwarding of documents to appropriate tribunal.

2a:4-30.83: Services to petitioner provided by support enforcement agency.

2a:4-30.84: Attorney General may order support enforcement agency to perform duties.

2a:4-30.85: Employment of private counsel.

2a:4-30.86: AOC designated State information agency; duties.

2a:4-30.87: Verification of complaint, petition, pleadings; contents.

2a:4-30.88: Disclosure of identifying information, protective order.

2a:4-30.89: Assessment of fees, costs.

2a:4-30.90: Participation by petitioner; immunity, certain.

2a:4-30.91: Nonparentage plea not available, certain.

2a:4-30.92: Physical presence of petitioner not required; evidentiary matters.

2a:4-30.93: Communication with out-of-State tribunal.

2a:4-30.94: Interstate discovery matters.

2a:4-30.95: Prompt disbursement of amounts received.

2a:4-30.96: Issuance of support order, temporary child support order.

2a:4-30.97: Income-withholding order issued out-of-State sent to payor.

2a:4-30.98: Income-withholding order received by employer, compliance.

2a:4-30.99: Satisfaction of multiple orders of withholding.

2a:4-30.100: Immunity from civil liability for employer.

2a:4-30.101: Noncompliance; penalties.

2a:4-30.102: Contesting of validity, enforcement of income-withholding order.

2a:4-30.103: Order issued out-of-State sent to support enforcement agency.

2a:4-30.104: Registration of out-of-State order.

2a:4-30.105: Procedure for registration.

2a:4-30.106: Filing of order; enforcement.

2a:4-30.107: Law of issuing state governs; longer statute of limitation applies.

2a:4-30.108: Notification of nonregistering party by tribunal.

2a:4-30.109: Contesting validity, enforcement of registered order, procedure.

2a:4-30.110: Grounds for contesting validity, enforcement, vacating registration.

2a:4-30.111: Confirmation of registered order precludes further contest.

2a:4-30.112: Modification, enforcement of order issued out-of-State.

2a:4-30.113: Enforcement of order issued out-of-State.

2a:4-30.114: Modification of registered order issued out-of-State.

2a:4-30.115: Modification of order by another state recognized.

2a:4-30.116: Jurisdiction to enforce, modify issuing state's order; law applicable.

2a:4-30.117: Issuance, filing of modified child support order.

2a:4-30.118: Proceeding to determine parentage.

2a:4-30.119: "Governor" defined; extradition, conditions.

2a:4-30.120: Surrender of individual charged to other state; rendition; conditions.

2a:4-30.121: Application, construction of act.

2a:4-30.122: Short title.

2a:4-30.123: Pending actions, rights, duties unaffected by repeal.

2a:4-30.124: Short title.

2a:4-30.125: Definitions.

2a:4-30.126: State tribunal and support enforcement agency.

2a:4-30.127: Remedies cumulative.

2a:4-30.128: Application of act to resident of foreign country and foreign support proceeding.

2a:4-30.129: Bases for jurisdiction over nonresident.

2a:4-30.130: Duration of personal jurisdiction.

2a:4-30.131: Initiating and responding tribunal of state.

2a:4-30.132: Simultaneous proceedings.

2a:4-30.133: Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify child support order.

2a:4-30.134: Continuing jurisdiction to enforce child support order.

2a:4-30.135: Determination of controlling child support order.

2a:4-30.136: Child support orders for two or more obligees.

2a:4-30.137: Credit for payments.

2a:4-30.138: Application of act to nonresident subject to personal jurisdiction.

2a:4-30.139: Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify spousal support order.

2a:4-30.140: Proceedings under act.

2a:4-30.141: Proceeding by minor parent.

2a:4-30.142: Application of law of State.

2a:4-30.143: Duties of initiating tribunal.

2a:4-30.144: Duties and powers of responding tribunal.

2a:4-30.145: Inappropriate tribunal.

2a:4-30.146: Duties of support enforcement agency.

2a:4-30.147: Duty of the Attorney General.

2a:4-30.148: Private counsel.

2a:4-30.149: Duties of State information agency.

2a:4-30.150: Pleadings and accompanying documents.

2a:4-30.151: Nondisclosure of information in exceptional circumstances.

2a:4-30.152: Costs and fees.

2a:4-30.153: Limited immunity of petitioner.

2a:4-30.154: Nonparentage as defense.

2a:4-30.155: Special rules of evidence and procedure.

2a:4-30.156: Communications between tribunals.

2a:4-30.157: Assistance with discovery.

2a:4-30.158: Receipt and disbursement of payments.

2a:4-30.159: Establishment of support order.

2a:4-30.160: Proceeding to determine parentage.

2a:4-30.161: Employer's receipt of income withholding order of another state.

2a:4-30.162: Employer's compliance with income withholding order of another state.

2a:4-30.163: Employer's compliance with two or more income withholding orders.

2a:4-30.164: Immunity from civil liability.

2a:4-30.165: Penalties for noncompliance.

2a:4-30.166: Contest by obligor.

2a:4-30.167: Administrative enforcement of orders.

2a:4-30.168: Registration of order for enforcement.

2a:4-30.169: Procedure to register order for enforcement.

2a:4-30.170: Effect of registration for enforcement.

2a:4-30.171: Choice of law.

2a:4-30.172: Notice of registration of order.

2a:4-30.173: procedure to contest validity or enforcement of registered support order.

2a:4-30.174: Contest of registration or enforcement.

2a:4-30.175: Confirmed order.

2a:4-30.176: Procedure to register child support order of another state for modification.

2a:4-30.177: Effect of registration for modification.

2a:4-30.178: Modification of child support order of another state.

2a:4-30.179: Recognition of order modified in another state.

2a:4-30.180: Jurisdiction to modify child support order of another state when parties reside in this State.

2a:4-30.181: Notice to issuing tribunal of modification.

2a:4-30.182: Jurisdiction to modify child support order of foreign country.

2a:4-30.183: Procedure to register child support order of foreign country for modification.

2a:4-30.184: Definitions.

2a:4-30.185: Applicability.

2a:4-30.186: Relationship of the State IV-D agency to United States central authority.

2a:4-30.187: Initiation by the State IV-D agency of support proceeding under convention.

2a:4-30.188: Direct request.

2a:4-30.189: Registration of convention support order.

2a:4-30.190: Contest of registered convention support order.

2a:4-30.191: Recognition and enforcement of registered convention support order.

2a:4-30.192: Partial enforcement.

2a:4-30.193: Foreign support agreement.

2a:4-30.194: Modification of convention child support order.

2a:4-30.195: Personal information, limit on use.

2a:4-30.196: Record in original language; English translation.

2a:4-30.197: Grounds for rendition.

2a:4-30.198: Conditions of rendition.

2a:4-30.199: Uniformity of application and construction.

2a:4-30.200: Transitional provision.

2a:4-30.201: Severability.

2a:4-41: Expenses

2a:4-68: Repeals