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Chapter: 42 - Landlord's lien for rent; amount; taking goods or chattels to satisfy

2a:42-1: Landlord's lien for rent; amount; taking goods or chattels to satisfy

2a:42-2: Levy subject to landlord's lien; time of sale; notice

2a:42-3: Goods and chattels removed openly and in daytime; notice to defendant

2a:42-4: Undertenant's liability for rent

2a:42-5: Holding over by tenant after giving notice of quitting; double rent recoverable

2a:42-6: Willful holding over by tenant after expiration of term; notice to deliver possession; penalty

2a:42-6.1: Grace period for payment of rent

2a:42-6.2: Violations; disorderly persons

2a:42-6.3: Applicability of act

2a:42-7: Action for possession for nonpayment of rent; service of summons

2a:42-8: Judgment and execution bar to relief, except appeal

2a:42-9: Dismissal on payment of rent and costs; resumption of lease

2a:42-10: Rights of mortgagee; payment of rent and costs

2a:42-10.1: Warrant or writ for removal; writ of possession; issuance; stays

2a:42-10.2: Rent payments not to create new tenancy

2a:42-10.3: Applicability

2a:42-10.4: Repealer

2a:42-10.5: Effective date

2a:42-10.6: Judge to use sound discretion in issuing warrants or writs for removal or writs of possession; stay of issuance; limitation

2a:42-10.7: Rent payments not to create new tenancy

2a:42-10.8: Applicability

2a:42-10.9: Effective date

2a:42-10.10: Reprisal as unlawful grounds for civil action for re-entry; action for damages or other appropriate relief by tenant

2a:42-10.11: Grounds for judgment for tenant in unlawful action for possession by landlord

2a:42-10.12: Rebuttable presumption; notice to quit or alteration of tenancy as reprisal

2a:42-10.13: Application of act to rental premises for dwelling purposes

2a:42-10.14: Severability

2a:42-10.15: Short title

2a:42-10.16: Warrant for possession; execution.

2a:42-10.17: Warrant for removal; disorderly or destructive residential seasonal tenant

2a:42-11: Action for rent

2a:42-12: Death of tenant for life; remedy for recovery of rent

2a:42-13: Action for use and occupation; parol agreement for rent

2a:42-74: Legislative findings

2a:42-75: Definitions

2a:42-76: Promulgation of state housing code; scope of standards

2a:42-77: Authority to adopt ordinance regulating rents and possession of space in substandard multiple dwellings; provisions

2a:42-78: Registration of owners and management of multiple dwellings

2a:42-84.1: Definitions

2a:42-84.2: Applicability of municipal rent control ordinances

2a:42-84.3: Notice of exemption to tenants

2a:42-84.4: Filing of owner's claim of exemption

2a:42-84.5: Exemptions from rent control, leveling, stabilization; legislative intent

2a:42-84.6: Construction of multiple dwellings encouraged

2a:42-85: Findings

2a:42-86: Definitions

2a:42-87: Deposit of rents into court

2a:42-88: Grounds for action

2a:42-89: Institution of action; service and notice of petition

2a:42-90: Contents of petition

2a:42-91: Defenses to action

2a:42-92: Judgment; service upon nonpetitioning tenants; deposit of rents with clerk of court

2a:42-93: Order permitting performance of work in lieu of judgment; security; failure to exercise due diligence; hearing; judgment; appointment of administrator

2a:42-94: Accounts of receipts and expenditures; presentation or settlement; notice

2a:42-95: Compensation of administrator; bond

2a:42-96: Waiver of provisions of act

2a:42-103: Definitions

2a:42-104: Resident of senior citizen housing project permitted to have domesticated animal

2a:42-105: Arbitrary refusal to renew lease; penalty

2a:42-106: Landlord immunity

2a:42-107: Allowable circumstances for refusal to renew lease

2a:42-108: Guard dog

2a:42-109: Rights of person with disabilities.

2a:42-110: Removal of continuing nuisance

2a:42-111: Rules, regulations

2a:42-112: Rights of municipality not limited

2a:42-113: Definitions; disclosure statements to senior citizen housing residents

2a:42-114: Short title.

2a:42-115: Findings, declarations relative to multifamily housing.

2a:42-116: Definitions relative to multifamily housing.

2a:42-117: Action to appoint receiver.

2a:42-118: Contents of complaint.

2a:42-119: Serving of complaint.

2a:42-120: Receipt of notice, determination of ownership.

2a:42-121: Action of court relative to complaint.

2a:42-122: Opposition of owner to relief sought in complaint.

2a:42-123: Appointment of receiver, other relief.

2a:42-124: Denial of rights, remedies afforded lien, mortgage holders.

2a:42-125: Submission of plan by receiver.

2a:42-126: Bond, surety, insurance posted by receiver, removal of receiver.

2a:42-127: Filing, continuation of foreclosure unaffected.

2a:42-128: Powers, duties of receiver.

2a:42-129: Responsibilities of receiver in possession of the building.

2a:42-130: Receiver may borrow money, incur indebtedness.

2a:42-131: Receiver entitled to necessary expenses, reasonable fee.

2a:42-132: Release of outstanding municipal liens.

2a:42-133: Order for sale of building.

2a:42-134: Manner in which building sold, alternatives.

2a:42-135: Dismissal of receiver's application to sell property.

2a:42-136: Sale of property.

2a:42-137: Petition for termination of receivership by owner.

2a:42-138: Granting of owner's petition.

2a:42-139: Conditions for reinstatement of owner's rights.

2a:42-140: Termination of receivership.

2a:42-141: Preservation Loan Revolving Fund to make grants, loans to receivers.

2a:42-142: Rules, regulations.

2a:42-143: Procedures for collection of emergency contact information for senior citizen occupants; violations, penalties; definitions.