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Chapter: 44 -

2a:44-1: Definitions

2a:44-2: Right of lien; detention; priorities; statement verified by oath

2a:44-3: Removal of aircraft; seizure; costs of seizure

2a:44-4: Statement of amount; offer by owner and demand for possession; deposit of amount claimed with court; action for possession; costs

2a:44-5: Process out of court; aircraft delivered to owner

2a:44-6: Bond in lieu of cash deposit

2a:44-7: Claim by keeper of hangar; trial; judgment

2a:44-8: Failure to bring action; damages; judgment; return of balance of deposit

2a:44-9: Entry of appearance by owner of aircraft

2a:44-10: Sale of aircraft if proceedings not taken by owner

2a:44-11: Notice of sale; advertisement

2a:44-12: Disposition of proceeds of sale

2a:44-13: Sale of perishable goods; application to court; procedure

2a:44-14: Sale of unclaimed property; when authorized

2a:44-15: Notice of sale

2a:44-16: Sale of perishable property; notice

2a:44-17: Proceeds of sale; disposition

2a:44-18: Report of person making sale

2a:44-19: Refund to owner of proceeds of sale; petition

2a:44-19.1: Customer defined

2a:44-19.2: Lien for charges or services

2a:44-19.3: Nonpayment after 90 days; public or private sale; notice to customer

2a:44-19.4: Proceeds of sale; disposition

2a:44-19.5: Inability to sell goods; other disposition

2a:44-19.6: Action for debt

2a:44-19.7: Persons to whom act applicable; notice; posting

2a:44-19.8: Assignment of lien and indebtedness

2a:44-19.9: Immunity from liability on conformance with act

2a:44-20: Definitions

2a:44-21: Garage keeper liens; detention of vehicles; notice; priority.

2a:44-22: Removal of vehicle from keeper's control; seizure

2a:44-23: Statement of amount claimed; offer by owner of reasonable amount and demand for possession; fees.

2a:44-24: Entitlement to possession upon payment to garage keeper.

2a:44-26: Action brought for possession; assertion of claim by garage keeper; procedure.

2a:44-27: Determination of amount of damages.

2a:44-29: Sale of motor vehicle by garage keeper.

2a:44-30: Notice of sale.

2a:44-31: Application of proceeds of sale.

2a:44-32: Lien not impaired by taking judgment for money due; enforcement by levy and sale under execution

2a:44-33: Sale by public auction to enforce lien

2a:44-34: Proceeds of sale; balance

2a:44-35: Definitions

2a:44-36: Hospital, nursing home and physician entitled to lien for services rendered to injured person as a result of accident

2a:44-37: To what lien attaches

2a:44-38: Amount of hospital lien

2a:44-39: Amount of physician's or dentist's lien

2a:44-39.1: Amount of nursing home lien

2a:44-40: Accidents or injuries under workmen's compensation law excepted

2a:44-41: Notice of lien; filing; contents; fees

2a:44-42: Notice to person injured and person liable for damages

2a:44-43: Release of claims; enforcement of lien by action

2a:44-44: Statement by physician or dentist of injuries and amount of charges

2a:44-45: Statement of charges; examination of records

2a:44-46: Discharge of lien; procedure; fees

2a:44-47: "Hotel" and "guest" defined

2a:44-48: Lien of hotel, apartment hotel, inn and boarding house proprietor

2a:44-49: Sale of retained property; notice; disposition of proceeds

2a:44-51: Right of lien; retention of property when amount due unpaid; "keeper of a livery stable" defined

2a:44-52: Sale of retained property; disposition of proceeds

2a:44-53: Compensation to persons taking up and securing drift lumber or boats

2a:44-54: Drift lumber or boats taken up to be secured and kept; advertisement thereof; sale and disposition of proceeds

2a:44-55: Affidavit of claimant

2a:44-56: Rights and title of owners of lumber or boats taken up

2a:44-57: Definitions.

2a:44-58: Application of article

2a:44-59: Debt continuing lien upon vessel; preferences

2a:44-60: Action to enforce lien

2a:44-61: Process of attachment; bond; sale of vessel; creditors

2a:44-62: Lien not enforceable against vessel seized under process of United States courts

2a:44-63: Lien on vessel causing damage to another; enforcement

2a:44-125: Short title

2a:44-126: Definitions

2a:44-127: Action to recover debt not barred

2a:44-128: Debts for labor and materials; funds liable; asserting lien; forfeiture of lien

2a:44-129: Commencement and extent of lien; exception

2a:44-130: Release of funds from lien; bond

2a:44-131: Priority of lien over assignments

2a:44-132: Filing notice of lien claim

2a:44-133: Contents of notice; variance of names not to affect validity of lien

2a:44-134: Lien docket; entries; validity of claim not affected by failure to make entry

2a:44-135: Notice by public agency to contractor or person in interest

2a:44-136: Payment of claim by public agency if statement not filed; credit for amount paid; priority of claim of laborer

2a:44-137: Actions in superior court

2a:44-138: Commencement of action; lien of other claimants preserved

2a:44-139: Parties to action; county or municipality when public agency not corporation

2a:44-140: Determination of validity of liens and amount due; judgment; ratable distribution; priority of laborer's lien; claim of subcontractor chargeable with

2a:44-141: Payment by public agency into court

2a:44-142: How discharged

2a:44-143: Additional bond for payment of claims for labor, material, etc.; waiver, surety's obligation

2a:44-144: Sureties on and amount of bond; condition for payment of claims; bond deposited, held for use of interested parties

2a:44-145: Statements of claimants filed with sureties on bond; time for action on bond

2a:44-146: Action on bond; limitation

2a:44-147: Bond form; conditions

2a:44-148: Money paid to contractor trust fund for payment of claims

2a:44-149: Definitions

2a:44-150: Right of lien

2a:44-151: Notice of lien; contents; filing

2a:44-152: Service of notice of lien

2a:44-153: Enforcement of lien by action and sale

2a:44-154: Sale under judgment

2a:44-155: Proceeds of sale; disposition

2a:44-156: Removal of monument after notice of lien filed; exception

2a:44-157: Definitions

2a:44-158: Property subject to lien

2a:44-159: Waiver or impairment of lien; assignment

2a:44-160: Sale of property

2a:44-161: Notice of sale

2a:44-162: Disposition of proceeds of sale

2a:44-163: Lien enforceable by other procedure

2a:44-164: Paramount claim of lien; surrender of right; exception

2a:44-165: Definitions

2a:44-166: Right of lien for unpaid rent; priority

2a:44-167: Sale to meet lien; notice; publication

2a:44-168: Disposition of proceeds of sale

2a:44-169: Definitions

2a:44-170: Property subject to lien; right to detain

2a:44-171: Waiver or impairment of lien

2a:44-172: Sale of property subject to lien; notice

2a:44-173: Disposition of proceeds of sale

2a:44-174: Right of lien; retention

2a:44-175: Public sale and notice thereof; disposition of proceeds

2a:44-176: Service or posting of notices

2a:44-177: Action for debt; proceeds of sale applied on judgment

2a:44-187: Short title

2a:44-188: Definitions

2a:44-189: Lien on personal property; priority

2a:44-189.1: Charging of late fee.

2a:44-190: Issuance of warehouse receipt, bill of lading, or other document of title; application of act

2a:44-191: Satisfaction of lien

2a:44-191.1: Public sale.

2a:44-192: Existing rental agreements; validity and enforcement

2a:44-193: Maximum value of stored property; civil actions.