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Chapter: 44A -

2a:44A-1: Short title

2a:44A-2: Definitions relative to construction liens.

2a:44A-3: Lien entitlement for work, services, etc.; terms defined.

2a:44A-4: Lien for improvements; attachment

2a:44A-5: Liens, certain; prohibited

2a:44A-6: Filing lien claim.

2a:44A-7: Serving of lien claim by claimant.

2a:44A-8: Lien claim form.

2a:44A-9: Amount of lien claim.

2a:44A-10: Attachment of lien to interest of owner; amount of liability.

2a:44A-11: Amendment of lien claim, form.

2a:44A-12: Authorized withholding, deductions.

2a:44A-13: "Construction Lien Book," "Construction Lien Index Book"; fees.

2a:44A-14: Claimant's failure to commence action; forfeiture, liability.

2a:44A-15: Improper lodging of lien claim; forfeiture of rights; liability.

2a:44A-17: Lien claims unabated by death of party in interest

2a:44A-18: Calculation of proportionate share under residential construction.

2a:44A-20: Notice of Unpaid Balance and Right to File Lien, form.

2a:44A-21: Legislative findings, additional requirements for lodging for record of lien on residential construction.

2a:44A-22: Priority of mortgages over liens, conditions.

2a:44A-23: Payment of claims, pro rata payment.

2a:44A-24.1: Lien claims enforced by suit.

2a:44A-25: Issuance of writ of execution.

2a:44A-27: Interest in residential property, priority to all subsequent liens

2a:44A-30: Filing of certificate to discharge lien claim of record.

2a:44A-31: Filing of surety bond, deposit.

2a:44A-32: Release, discharge from claim

2a:44A-33: Discharge of record of lien claim.

2a:44A-34: Book, page number of original record of lien claim necessary for release, discharge

2a:44A-35: Discharge, subordination, release of lien claim.

2a:44A-36: Liability for fraud

2a:44A-37: Furnishing of list of subcontractors, suppliers.

2a:44A-38: Waivers of construction lien rights