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Chapter: 49A -

2a:49A-1: Short title

2a:49A-2: Definitions

2a:49A-3: Applicability of act

2a:49A-4: Agreements by parties to transaction

2a:49A-5: Proper money

2a:49A-6: Determination of amount to be paid

2a:49A-7: Claim assertion; opposition; set-off

2a:49A-8: Judgment, award on foreign-money claim; payment

2a:49A-9: Governing rate of exchange

2a:49A-10: Pre-judgment, pre-award interest payable

2a:49A-11: Entering, enforcing foreign judgment

2a:49A-12: Computations of value of assets, amount of foreign money claimed under legal process.

2a:49A-13: Substitution of new foreign money

2a:49A-14: Principles of law supplement provisions of act

2a:49A-15: Uniform construction of act

2a:49A-16.1: Short title.

2a:49A-16.2: Definitions relative to foreign country money-judgments.

2a:49A-16.3: Applicability.

2a:49A-16.4: Recognition by courts; exceptions.

2a:49A-16.5: Conditions for non-refusal of recognition.

2a:49A-16.6: Recognition as original matter, pending matter.

2a:49A-16.7: Entitlement to recognition.

2a:49A-16.8: Appeal.

2a:49A-16.9: Commencement of action.

2a:49A-16.10: Application, construction.

2a:49A-16.11: Recognition of judgment outside of scope of act.

2a:49A-16: Short title

2a:49A-17: Definitions relative to foreign country money judgments

2a:49A-18: Application of act

2a:49A-19: Conclusiveness of judgments under the act

2a:49A-20: Nonconclusiveness of judgments, conditions

2a:49A-21: Recognition of judgments, conditions

2a:49A-22: Stay of proceedings; conditions

2a:49A-23: Other recognition of judgment not prohibited

2a:49A-24: Uniformity of other states' laws

2a:49A-25: Short title

2a:49A-26: "Foreign judgment" defined

2a:49A-27: Filing of copy of foreign judgment

2a:49A-28: Filing of affidavit; mailing of notice to judgment debtor

2a:49A-29: Appeal, stay of execution, enforcement

2a:49A-30: Fees for filing foreign judgment

2a:49A-31: Right unimpaired

2a:49A-32: Construction of act relative to consumer loans.

2a:49A-33: Uniformity of interpretation, construction

2a:49A-34: Findings, declarations relative to Euro as medium of payment

2a:49A-35: Definitions relative to Euro as medium of payment

2a:49A-36: Replacement of ECU by Euro in contract, security, or instrument references

2a:49A-37: Euro considered equivalent substitute for replaced currency

2a:49A-38: Existing contracts, securities, instruments unaffected by introduction of Euro

2a:49A-39: Existing specific agreements unaffected by introduction of Euro

2a:49A-40: Applicability of act