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Chapter: 4A -

2a:4A-20: Short title

2a:4A-21: Purposes.

2a:4A-22: General definitions.

2a:4A-23: Definition of delinquency.

2a:4A-24: Exclusive jurisdiction of the court and nature of jurisdiction

2a:4A-25: Transfer from other courts

2a:4A-26: Referral to another court without juvenile's consent.

2a:4A-26.1: Filing motion seeking waiver of jurisdiction; hearing.

2a:4A-27: Referral to other court at election of juvenile

2a:4A-28: Effect of referral to other court

2a:4A-29: Use of juvenile's testimony at referral hearing

2a:4A-30: Complaints and petitions

2a:4A-31: Taking into custody

2a:4A-32: Short-term custody

2a:4A-33: Taking into custody; notice to parents

2a:4A-34: Criteria for placing juvenile in detention.

2a:4A-35: Release of juvenile on own recognizance

2a:4A-36: Detention of waiver cases

2a:4A-37: Place of detention or shelter.

2a:4A-38: Detention hearing

2a:4A-39: Right to counsel

2a:4A-40: Rights of juveniles

2a:4A-41: Dispositional hearing

2a:4A-42: Predispositional evaluation.

2a:4A-43: Disposition of delinquency cases.

2a:4A-43.1: Certain juveniles to submit to serological tests

2a:4A-43.2: Additional penalty for juvenile adjudicated delinquent

2a:4A-43.3: Suspension, postponement of right to operate motor vehicle

2a:4A-43.4: Orders for certain serological testing of juveniles required under certain circumstances

2a:4A-44: Incarceration -- aggravating and mitigating factors.

2a:4A-44.1: State incarceration of juveniles in county juvenile detention facilities

2a:4A-45: Retention of jurisdiction

2a:4A-46: Disposition of juvenile-family crisis.

2a:4A-47: Termination of orders of disposition

2a:4A-48: Effect of disposition

2a:4A-60: Disclosure of juvenile information; penalties for disclosure.

2a:4A-60.1: Juvenile information, records; rules governing disclosure adoption

2a:4A-60.2: Disclosure, use of juvenile's statement made in course of screening.

2a:4A-60.3: Disclosure of juvenile's information to court; conditions.

2a:4A-61: Fingerprint records; photographs of juveniles

2a:4A-62: Sealing of records

2a:4A-70: County court intake services

2a:4A-71: Review and processing of complaints.

2a:4A-71.1: Diversionary programs for certain juveniles.

2a:4A-72: Recommendation of diversion

2a:4A-73: Diverting complaints

2a:4A-74: Court intake service conference.

2a:4A-75: Juvenile conference committees.

2a:4A-76: Juvenile-family crisis intervention units established

2a:4A-77: Call service to attend and stabilize juvenile-family crises; referrals; information; form

2a:4A-78: Intervention unit response

2a:4A-79: Intervention unit training and skills

2a:4A-80: Law enforcement referral

2a:4A-81: Other referrals

2a:4A-82: Juvenile-family crisis stabilized

2a:4A-83: Juvenile-family crisis referral to the court; continuing crisis

2a:4A-84: Juvenile-family crisis recommendations

2a:4A-85: Alcoholic, drug-dependent parent.

2a:4A-86: Juvenile-family crisis hearing; disposition

2a:4A-87: Juvenile-family crisis referral to courts; out of home placement

2a:4A-88: Temporary placement.

2a:4A-89: Out-of-home placement hearing.

2a:4A-90: Long-term placement

2a:4A-92: "Court Appointed Special Advocate" (CASA) program.