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Chapter: 53A - Joint tortfeasors; single tortfeasor

2a:53A-1: Joint tortfeasors; single tortfeasor

2a:53A-2: Right of contribution

2a:53A-3: Judgment against joint tortfeasor; contribution

2a:53A-4: Application of act

2a:53A-5: Short title

2a:53A-6: Contributory negligence of conditional vendee, etc., as defense by third person in suit brought by conditional vendor, etc.

2a:53A-7: Immunity from liability for negligence

2a:53A-7.1: Volunteers of certain organizations exempt from liability, damages

2a:53A-7.2: Limited immunity

2a:53A-7.3: Exemption from liability for library trustees, members of commission

2a:53A-7.4: Inapplicability, certain, of civil immunity granted to certain charitable entities.

2a:53A-7.5: Application of act.

2a:53A-8: Liability of nonprofit hospital corporation

2a:53A-9: Character of buildings used

2a:53A-10: Remedial legislation; liberal construction

2a:53A-11: Severability

2a:53A-12: Members of volunteer first aid, rescue or emergency squads or national ski patrol system; liability for damages

2a:53A-13: Liability of member of volunteer fire company, authorized active volunteer, first aid or rescue squad worker providing emergency services

2a:53A-13.1: Liability of volunteer fire company, volunteer first aid, rescue or emergency squad or civil defense unit providing services

2a:53A-14: Legislative findings

2a:53A-15: Liability of parent or guardian for willful destruction of property by infant under 18

2a:53A-16: Parental liability for certain acts of minor.

2a:53A-17: Application to parents without parental custody and control

2a:53A-18: Bar to judgment

2a:53A-19: Scope

2a:53A-20: Stay of civil action

2a:53A-21: Civil cause of action for bias crime victims.

2a:53A-22: Civil Rights Enforcement Fund established

2a:53A-23: Availability of authorized civil actions

2a:53A-24: Terms defined

2a:53A-25: Definitions; accountants' liability

2a:53A-26: "Licensed person" defined.

2a:53A-27: Affidavit of lack of care in action for professional, medical malpractice or negligence; requirements.

2a:53A-28: Affidavit not required; conditions

2a:53A-29: Noncompliance deemed failure to state cause of action

2a:53A-30: Short title

2a:53A-31: Findings, declarations relative to liability for certain health care treatment decisions

2a:53A-32: Definitions relative to liability for certain health care treatment decisions

2a:53A-33: Liability of carrier, organized delivery system to covered persons

2a:53A-34: Exhausting appeal before filing action; exception

2a:53A-35: Use of alternative dispute resolution methods

2a:53A-36: Affidavit of loss as a result of denial or delay; requirements

2a:53A-37: Short title.

2a:53A-38: Findings, declarations relative to medical professional liability, insurance reform and patient protection.

2a:53A-39: Judge may refer medical malpractice action to complementary dispute resolution mechanism.

2a:53A-40: Affidavit of noninvolvement.

2a:53A-41: Requirements for person giving expert testimony, executing affidavit.

2a:53A-42: Procedure to evaluate award by judge following verdict.

2a:53A-43: Short title.

2a:53A-44: Provision of protected seating for spectators, recognition of inherent risks, statement

2a:53A-45: Definitions relative to baseball spectator safety.

2a:53A-46: Assumption of inherent risks by spectators, bar, defense to suit.

2a:53A-47: Liability for non-compliance.

2a:53A-48: Posting, maintenance of signs; warning.