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Chapter: 56 - "Cotenant" ; executor or administrator with will annexed; definition and construction

2a:56-1: "Cotenant" ; executor or administrator with will annexed; definition and construction

2a:56-2: Partition through sale

2a:56-3: Division of part of real estate and sale of residue

2a:56-4: Set-off of undivided shares without partition between shareholders to be held in common

2a:56-5: Set-off of undivided shares without partition between minor and others consenting to be held in common

2a:56-6: Title of some parties disputed; partition or sale as to undisputed parts not delayed

2a:56-7: Conclusive effect of proceedings and sale in partition

2a:56-8: Conveyance to be recorded; effect

2a:56-9: Rights by paramount title saved

2a:56-10: General proprietors not affected

2a:56-11: Proceeds of sale; disposition

2a:56-12: Trusts or limitations created by foreign will; disposition of proceeds of partition sale

2a:56-13: Receipts and discharges; record by surrogate; evidence

2a:56-14: Fees and costs

2a:56-15: Lienor not necessary party; effect of partition on lienor

2a:56-16: Effect of partition on lienor on undivided interest

2a:56-17: Lienors may be made parties

2a:56-18: Lienors on undivided interests made parties when sale ordered

2a:56-19: Proceeds of sale of share subject to liens paid into court

2a:56-20: Proceedings to obtain moneys deposited pursuant to section 2A:56-19

2a:56-21: Discharge of encumbrances

2a:56-22: Parties having unencumbered shares not affected by proceedings

2a:56-23: Payment of judgments out of proceeds of sale; order

2a:56-24: Sale free of unpaid debts of ancestor; disposition of proceeds

2a:56-25: Sale free from dower or curtesy; order of court; deed to purchaser

2a:56-26: Compensation to dower or curtesy holder by lump sum or investment

2a:56-27: Real estate subject to inchoate dower or curtesy; sale; compensation

2a:56-28: Death of commissioner after sale; deeds by survivors

2a:56-29: Death of commissioner after sale but before deed executed; appointment of administrator to execute and deliver deed

2a:56-30: Death of purchaser; deed to successors in interest

2a:56-31: Effect of deed made pursuant to section 2A:56-30

2a:56-32: Existing rights, liens or encumbrances not affected by deed made pursuant to section 2A:56-30

2a:56-33: Absentee cotenant; right of cotenants to partition

2a:56-34: Order; deed

2a:56-35: Disposition of proceeds where person is unknown or absent; refunding bond

2a:56-36: Action on refunding bond; disposition of proceeds

2a:56-37: Partition of real estate limited over

2a:56-38: Sale of share without recourse to sale of tract

2a:56-39: Partition or sale of remainders and reversions; consent of particular tenant required

2a:56-40: Deed to purchaser

2a:56-41: Proceeds of sale; payment or investment; how invested; income

2a:56-42: Payments on principal of mortgage; disposition; discharge

2a:56-43: Final disposition of proceeds

2a:56-44: Disposition of proceeds of sale of real estate held in trust