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Chapter: 61 - Advertisements of sales; publication in newspapers; fees

2a:61-1: Advertisements of sales; publication in newspapers; fees

2a:61-2: Publication in foreign language newspaper

2a:61-3: Judgment or order founded upon equitable cause of action; public or private sale

2a:61-4: Times and places of sale; announcement of description of real estate to be sold

2a:61-5: Adjournments of sales

2a:61-6: Publication of notices of adjournments; fee

2a:61-7: Lien of debts of ancestor, sale free from; order touching disposition of proceeds

2a:61-8: Sales confirmed notwithstanding defects or irregularities in publication of advertisements

2a:61-9: Affidavit of selling officer indorsed on or added to conveyances

2a:61-10: Record of conveyance with affidavit indorsed or added; effect

2a:61-11: Defects or imperfections in affidavits of selling officer

2a:61-12: Effect of recitals in conveyances by selling officer

2a:61-13: Conveyances by public or municipal authority; collateral attack

2a:61-14: Confirmatory deeds on loss of originals

2a:61-15: Fees for confirmatory deed

2a:61-16: Relief to bidder at sale on showing defect in title or lien or encumbrance on property sold

2a:61-17: Bona fide purchasers protected after 7 years

2a:61-18: Recorded deeds by sheriff or other officer valid notwithstanding defects in writ; record as evidence

2a:61-19: Distribution of proceeds of sales of or compensation for real estate paid into court

2a:61-20: Payment of proceeds of sales of or for real estate into superior court; effect

2a:61-21: Surplus from sale of real estate deposited in court; use to pay judgments