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Chapter: 62 - By person in peaceable possession

2a:62-1: By person in peaceable possession

2a:62-2: Presumption of peaceable possession

2a:62-3: By grantor of mapped and sold lots

2a:62-4: Jury trial; issues; place of trial

2a:62-5: Determination of claims by court

2a:62-6: Scope of adjudication by court

2a:62-7: Effect of final adjudication

2a:62-8: Persons under disability; relief from judgment

2a:62-9: Opening judgment on application for relief

2a:62-10: Effect of opening or vacating judgment

2a:62-11: By person in peaceable possession; action in the superior court

2a:62-12: Sections 2A:62-1 to 2A:62-10 applicable

2a:62-13: Persons not bound by judgment

2a:62-14: Persons not bound by judgments and orders

2a:62-15: Construction of article

2a:62-16: Sections 2A:62-1 to 2A:62-10 not affected

2a:62-17: Persons entitled to maintain action

2a:62-18: Jury trial; issues; adjudication by court

2a:62-19: Judgment; conclusiveness; opening judgment as to persons under disability

2a:62-20: Persons entitled to maintain action

2a:62-21: Jury trial; adjudication by court

2a:62-22: Effect of final adjudication

2a:62-23: Action by attorney general

2a:62-24: Jury trial; adjudication by court

2a:62-25: Effect of final adjudication

2a:62-26: Tender or payment into court not required; terms upon which grant or conveyance set aside