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Chapter: 67 - Construction of chapter

2a:67-1: Construction of chapter

2a:67-2: Chapter not generally applicable to habeas corpus ad testificandum

2a:67-3: Issuance of writ without application

2a:67-4: Prisoner not to be removed except in certain cases

2a:67-5: Penalty for signing and executing warrant for removal contrary to chapter

2a:67-6: Sending citizen as prisoner out of State for offense committed within State; action for damages; punishment; disqualification; exceptions

2a:67-7: Discharge on criminal charge not extended to discharge on civil process

2a:67-8: Warrant in lieu of writ; arrest of person having custody of person detained

2a:67-9: Service of warrant; return

2a:67-10: Proceedings against person detaining prisoner

2a:67-11: Limitation of action for offenses against chapter

2a:67-12: Witnesses, production of prisoners or inmates as

2a:67-13: Who may prosecute writ

2a:67-14: Who may not prosecute writ

2a:67-15: Power and authority to issue writ

2a:67-16: Application by complaint; contempts; verification

2a:67-17: Issuance of writ; contents

2a:67-18: Defect of form not cause for disobedience of writ

2a:67-19: Service of writ

2a:67-20: Return

2a:67-21: Excuse for failure to produce person detained as required

2a:67-22: Contents of return; verification

2a:67-23: Effect of return; answer thereto

2a:67-24: Arrest for failure to produce prisoner or make return; commitment

2a:67-25: Order to enforce production of prisoner

2a:67-26: Custody pending determination

2a:67-27: Time of hearing; notice

2a:67-28: Hearing; jury

2a:67-29: Judgment

2a:67-30: Enforcement of court's order

2a:67-31: Reimprisonment for same cause of person discharged upon writ; exceptions

2a:67-32: Penalty for reimprisoning; aiding or assisting; misdemeanor

2a:67-33: Eluding writ by removing or transferring prisoner to other custody; misdemeanor

2a:67-34: Neglect or refusal to obey writ; forfeiture; misdemeanor

2a:67-35: Misdemeanor; punishment

2a:67-36: Appeal to Appellate Division of Superior Court