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Chapter: 81 - Transactions with lunatic or decedent; proof required

2a:81-2: Transactions with lunatic or decedent; proof required

2a:81-4: General rule

2a:81-6: Personal privilege of party called by adverse party in civil action

2a:81-11: Examination of adverse party as witness

2a:81-15: Disobedience; penalties

2a:81-17: Privilege of witness from arrest during attendance

2a:81-17.2a: Public employee, definition

2a:81-17.2a1: Duty of employee to appear and testify; removal for failure or refusal

2a:81-17.2a2: Immunity from use of evidence after claim of privilege against self-incrimination; perjury or false swearing

2a:81-17.2a3: Removal for commission of misdemeanor

2a:81-17.2a4: Removal proceedings

2a:81-17.2a5: Other laws relating to removal of public employees

2a:81-17.3: Order compelling person to testify or produce evidence; immunity from use of such evidence; contempt

2a:81-17.4: Attorney general's annual report on compelling evidence and granting immunity in criminal proceedings

2a:81-18: Definitions

2a:81-19: Summoning witness in this state to testify in another state

2a:81-20: Witness from another state summoned to testify in this state

2a:81-21: Exemption from arrest and service of process

2a:81-22: Uniformity of interpretation

2a:81-23: Short title